yes - just like living in paradise

i started the day grandly with a run at shute harbour. i went to do the stairs, did them once, then a km run - did it ten times. hard work, but MUCH easier than the 5 stairs 3km run combo ....

then home for brekky, and to begin
a most awesome day
with a most awesome daughter
in paradise.

the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

walking, swimming and snorkelling on the great barrier reef

walked down to the marina ready to leave ... we know the owner so if ever they have spare seats and the boat is going out, we are allowed to head out, for free ... havent done it in a couple of years though... so when we got there, the guy (shannon) was looking up our names, then saw beside them FOC - ooooh he said, you must be friends of the owner? yes i said, OH - you are spies!!! we were treated royally for the day :)

the worst part? - sitting waiting for the final passengers to arrive, downstairs, the boat was full, maybe 20 people on the back section, we were sitting up front, shannon came along with another deckhand, they were outside the boat ... young good looking dude, ben. everyone on the boat is sitting, waiting, talking quietly among themselves ... he introduces us "this lovely lady is a spy, be good to her, and this is her daughter" ... ben looks at storm - and loudly says, real aussie twang too *** ARE YOU A REAL RANGA! *** well. that sure paused everyone. there was a deathly silence. my jaw dropped. one thing storm hates about work is that people call her a ranga! everyone was looking at storm. everyone was as aghast as i was he said such a thing!!!!! seconds seemed hours! i looked at him in disbelief. you really said that just then!??! the HOURS pass .... storm smiles at him, sweetly, and says yes. she laughs. he laughs. everyone breathes. at least she took it in fun.
about an hour later shannon came up to us and said ben was still embarassed he actually said it! wow. really??!!! he SHOULD be! but. it was ok. im glad storm handled it well ...

so just over an hour to whitehaven, she got sea sick. ... they took her in the first raft over to the land and made her wait each time for the last raft back each time. gave her seasick tablets too.

whitehaven. beautiful as always. it apparently was voted best beach in the world a couple of weeks ago ... did the walk up to the lookout. storm was queasy. but she eventually got land legs. odd as she has never been sea sick before. left from there to the main beach for lunch. saw dolphins - sweet!!
most of us swam from the boat to whitehaven beach, storm and i included. looks so close when you are on the boat :) until you start swimming!! storm dived from the top with most of the others. i delicately placed myself in the water off the back of it :D

it was a bbq lunch, i had a vegetarian version - i cannot believe she remembered that of me and included food for me to eat ... huge goannas everywhere, very tame. just walking around lazily at our feet. scrounging for food. i guess they must hunt the scraps each day, which isnt a good thing. spent a couple hours there, just swimming and sunbathing. not bad on a monday knowing most everyone is working. :P not bad for winter still. we havent really had any cold weather this year, its been glorious!
ooh - one guy in the shallow water discovered a wee little sea horse - gathered into his hands for us all to sea - they would have to be one of the most magical critters on this earth - gorgeous!! sadly he had let it go before i got the chance to get the camera and back to him for a photo :/ darn

left there to mantaray bay to snorkel - GORGEOUS as always ... last time i went snorkelling i was in for about 5 minutes, i got too cold, they actually wrapped me in blankets and lay me under the window at the front of the boat in the sun and it took till we got back to the mainland to warm up ... today, i lasted a little over 10 :) plus. i only needed my towel to dry off. im more body fat enabled this time!!!! there is the proof. went a while hand in hand with storm, that was pretty precious! - however, she can swim deeper than i can so i headed back to the boat - she stayed in until we were actually leaving.

coming home., is tiring. you know it's over. youve had sun on you all day. you just want to be home. and youve still an hour and a half on the boat. i drifted in and out of sleep. we were able to get a lift back home - i was spose to go for a run up honeyeater. still had the time too just make it before nightfall. i got lazy instead, and didn't. :/ ah well. a physical day really anyways. and it isn't going to break me.

if only every day could be as wonderful!

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This must be just
Like living in paradise
Just like paradise
And I don`t want to go home


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