towards a perfect 2011

“I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.” Colin Raye

so, i am currently lazing around at a friends and he has challenged me to come up with my goals for a 'picture perfect 2011' - what would i want from my year ahead? how do i wish it will have looked, once i am at its end ... taking time to think about 2010… what are some areas i would like to improve?  what are some things i wanted in 2010 that i wasn’t able to do or achieve?
it isnt something that is actually as easy as it sounds, when i look back at it, i had a really great 2010, overall - sure, i would definitely like to change my 'down days' to less, thats for certain, but hey, they ARE what make me 'me' - and i wouldnt change that. i like the person i am. i like the person i have become. and i am proud of all i have achieved under the circumstances of 'my life' ...

so - my 'picture perfect 2011'
1. to wake up, and work, with enthusiasm - every day
2. to push for more clients
3. to complete four of the (gazillion) books i have started
4. to complete the ca survivor book
5. (SUPERSONIC GOAL) to work in a bookshop (in order to OWN one!)
      don't know how to achieve this one as we dont have any bookstores in the area,
      but thats been an ongoing goal for years, my actual 'dream job'  :/
      and ive never achieved it  ...

6. to become debt free
7. to have enough money to go to all the races i want to go to without concern

8. to find a trainer who will, train me ... ('good' only - surely there is someone!)
9. less 'gym' more 'running'
10. to run 3650kms for the year - 10kms a day - (to be more consistent in running training)
11. cradle mountain - under 13hrs
12. to run a buckle place at nf100 (under 20 hours for a bronze)
13. to run a marathon (townsville?) - in 4hr15 (qualifier needed for six foot 2012)
14. to run a 160km at glasshouse (without injury)!
15. to run (and finish! :D)  c2k

16. to become fully vegan, mostly raw

17. to become healthier, fitter, stronger, faster
18. goal weight 68kgs and remain there
19. to be stronger in mind and spirit - zen

i am proud of my children, they are both doing things they love and are determined, capable, kind and helpful young adults - there isnt anymore a mother could ask for, so more of 2010 through 2011

20. to greet every day with enthusiasm and energy
21. to acknowledge early on when i am hitting a 'downer' and make steps to reversing its effects
22. to be more consistent with ____ sessions
23. to have higher expectations of myself
24. to not be lazy
25. to be a good friend to all those that are so wonderful to me
(therefore) 26. being less of a burden to those that care about me
27. to travel australia (ok, this might be a work towards for 2012 :D )

i may add to this list ... it will take some thinking, i know that.


Bernadette Gregory said...

Sounds like a great plan for 2011. Hopefully we can have some fun together at GH160. Love Bernie xxx

anelike said...

bernie that is awesome :) i didnt know you were going to do the 160! what a bonus - would 'fun' be the word people use? haha ;) you betcha!
oh, saw also you are doing the 3650kms too - the best in training to us both!!! :D
no doubt we will catch up before september x

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