for, just one person

this entry, just for one person.... who may or may not, ever see/read this ... most likely the latter, but i have no other avenue that i am comfortable with for making contact today in particular, and only you, will have the understanding of that. though im sure you have a busy group of days, who knows, maybe it esp's to you ... the connection that once was...
despite the enormous strain and distance between us, today, as you know, i would not have been able to do things any differently anyway. which would have made things even more awkward than they currently are. unfair to you. i know.
it doesnt take away either though, for me, the missing of you. or all that was positive somehow becoming diminished... or the strong need to give you a hug for your day and make everything momentarily ok, at least in my eyes ...

2011 will be an angel doozie
this day ahead, will see me with you in thought quite some - ok, a lot. in fact. probably most of it.
i want you to know i DO care. i want you to know you are, purposely for today, in thought.
and i want you to know .... i wish upon you, a most beautiful day

peace, love and hugs

-a-lways  xx


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