banana bonanza

8 kilos - 51 bananas!! how much?!!? :D damn, surprising!
i found a new love today, market banana man ...
went late to the markets, 11am ... normally there much earlier but - up at 5, did a 25km run - centro return, had a quick brekky break as i ran back past home cos i was starving then out to mandalay and return ... back home, showered, lay down to stretch my back out, and promptly fell asleep for an hour - ha!
woken by storm getting ready for work (OI, poke poke prod prod, weren't you going out running this morning?!) or i probably would have slept even longer - egads - shockingly realising the time, i raced down to the markets thinking i was too late, and banana prices are ridiculous in the supermarkets ...

exercise is vital

working with the black dog institute at the moment has been a real eye opener into the world of depression beyond anything i have ever understood about myself ... i always thought i had a good grip on the workings of the brain and the whirlwind it can become, the self destruction it can create - within my own world
extensive surveys have created a rating that measure the effectiveness of certain strategies in treating depression - the results demonstrate some interesting trends which mirror my own experiences - of the 16 listed - nine are effective for me to varying degrees ....

countdown to nf100

the time - is already slipping by. one week blends into the next this year. and i find myself now, with only nine weeks left to train for northface.
still wishing i had a trainer... because i need that support and expertise on getting the balance AND the training, right ... i don't know my time i have set myself is realisitic anymore but this past week has been an awesome training week. some good running. some great trails. some good strength workouts. and a handful of classes at the gym. need to figure how to push myself a little more and get 'agility' incorporated into it all though ...

6 foot track ultra was on this morning, so wish i was there for it ... it takes in a component of northface which is great as a pre race training run! a testing of the waters ... at least i got to run it back in october :)

feeling VERY happy

The Workout of the Day for March 7th . . . starts with an "R" and ends with a "T" . . . love crossfit wod's :) :) :) these resting ones! however. it just means i didnt do a crossfit today. everything else remains to plan, it has to .... 10 weeks until northface - darn it will fly as always

woke at 5 to torrential rain, had planned on going to outdoor fitness, lay listening to it and so wanted to stay in bed remaining dry - coming up with every excuse of why it wouldnt be on - but, rain hail or shine - of course it was gonna be. eventually figured - GO :)
and so glad i did - what a  GREAT session

time disappears quickly

hmmmmmmmmm. it is time to start thinking northface. well, past time actually .... only 10 weeks away ....

time to find a trainer. to develop a proper training program again. and to start looking at what i do so it is more relevant, more training specific ..
build up all that michelle used to teach me - speed, agility, power and strength - the goal is to run it under 20 hours - well, preferably even quicker, but, under 20 hours earns a bronze buckle.
'agility' thats what i miss most, and what i arent getting the most ... plus. the push. the motivation. the accountability. nearly six months later, and im still just 'plodding' along, doing whatever i feel like exercise wise, too many classes, day in day out ... BLEH :P~~  much to consider. and it has to get to the TOP of my to do list ....

but... can NOT wait until race day!!!! how exciting - plus lisa tamati is going to be competing this year, OMG that is as cool as dean - w00t!

mt whitsunday eeeeeek

spent the morning writing, headed to the market, then a 'push it hard' run to the gym up over the hills - arrived just as kerrin was heading out to watch the rugby dudes run up mt whitsunday. i had forgotten that was on and was a ball of melted sweat already. went and had a quick wash off then went with her to give them support.
we couldn't see any cars or people when we got there but we were a little late. we started driving up. HA! what a friggin mother of a hill. the car huffed and puffed - i think i can i think i can ... couldn't stop laughing! told her id hop out and push! mostly though, cos i DID want to hop out! it felt like we were gonna flip backwards any moment!! haha


left to right top row pumpkin, banana stash, pumpkin
left to right bottom row watermelon, watermelon
absent from photo watermelon, half in fridge half in stomach!!

yum yum YUM
well after yesterdays watermelon steal in coles, market banana man this morning, (after last week telling me he would do me a deal cos of the amount i buy!) sold me bananas for $3 a kilo! WOAH! for buying 5kilos or more ... those bananas pictured in the photo, would have cost me $45 in the supermarket at yesterdays price!!

exercise importance

owl, you were right! :D

never slept last night, storm was out till 1, so stayed up waiting for her, then she phones - AT 1am! - to ask can she stay over a friends! ha! cant say i was impressed :) i could have had an early night. tried to sleep but couldnt. was getting up at 5 to head to prossy gym, my go to bed goal of last night ... so got back up and did some writing. sometimes, the best comes in the wee hours of the morn anyways.
went to the gym - did combat - even felt the gloom lifting!

a step outside

You never work out and regret it. You never go for a run and when you are done say "I wish I would have just stayed home". You never climb a mountain, get to the top and say "I should have just been content to stay where I was".  - JUST DO IT

i would like to say today was better than the past week. in a sense. it was.
i wrote about 5,000 words! that's about. oh. 5,000 more than ive written ALL week! and for the most part, it flowed. i never let my brain stop constructing concepts or my bum move from the flattenmybroadass position of a computer chair...

drowning slowly

sometimes a low hits me by surprise ... ok. not true. i get signs along the way. things that happen. mostly, what would appear to others as small trivial things, but are big mountains to me, things i always think i have conquered and can deal with, to discover - i havent, and i cant.
one after another that create a rebound effect until my brain simply implodes and i feel like im drowning. trying to keep my head above the waterline.
many. wish of course, i simply drowned. and the quicker the better.