rest days

love the crossfit WOD today ... not sure how to tackle it yet, difficult
"The workout of the day for Feb 23rd is - 3 rounds for time - 10 minute nap, 15 minutes of light stretching, 20 minute massage. Enjoy your rest day!"
figure it might take me longer than 45minutes to do that one (oh by 3!!) now just to find a masseuse ... :)

however. despite nothing 'crossfit' to complete - i have already run 10k (with gorgeous rain!), done boxing with tanya, then a step class.

a 'beautiful' day

birthdays, my own, or moreso, birthdays of those that are close to me, are not very good days within my year .... i never celebrate mine, i never celebrate anyones elses, i never see the person whose birthday it is, on their 'day' and i can never give good wishes to them, (but deep inside, i AM hoping they have magical days!).... reasons why, are unnecessary for anyone else to ever know, but i usually spend them hidden away at home, away from contact with anyone - obviously that creates such a stress, it certainly requires a great deal of pre thought and angst in the preceding days and in the aftermath.. a lot of turmoil that i have to clean up and make up for, that can take days weeks! ...
i DO give lots of gifts though, throughout the year. people never lack because of my shortcomings. sporadic. noone ever knows when something will be given from me. i call them, beautiful day gifts. they don't come on peoples 'birth'days,. they come, any day during the year i find something i like, for someone i care about, and - i purchase it, wrap it, and surprise them with it ... isn't that more wonderful anyway? giving, because i want to, not because it is a societal expectation!? i certainly think it is. i dont accept gifts on my 'birthday' (i dont make things easy for people :/ ) but, i too, LOVE to receive 'beautiful day' gifts ....

too much paradise

went for bootcamp this morning - couldnt find the group! :/ ... found many others training away, but couldn't find 'the park' the one i was heading to was in, so many people around, ran from one park to the other, then half a dozen 'asks' later - found, *mine* - at 2 minutes AFTER 6 - not a soul in sight .... it was raining so wondered if maybe they don't meet if it rains - i doubt it though. obviously i had just missed them, and they must run to different places and use that maybe simply as a meeting point mayhaps. bummer


bootcamp at burleigh ... 27 people! running along the beach to the headland ... then. lunges uphill! backward running uphill! sprinting! all with weights. STEEP hill. man. invigoratingly TOUGH!
gorgeous beach, plenty of sunshine! could there be a BETTER way to start a day!?!! w00t!

rainy brilliance

rainy burleigh heads
5am - a 10k run ... up to burleigh headlands then back through to miami, along the beach

glorious - it rained - of course it did :) but so many people about - running, walking, surfing, bike riding - HUNDREDS - wow a different lifestyle down here, or the bigger population obviously, but felt so good being amongst so many, so early, most all in their own worlds...
a BEAUTIFUL start to the day... next? ... dreamworld! here we come!

rocky road to rocky

luxury - it is not!
plans for an early start on the road had to be delayed when storm had to go to the first day of tafe despite her holidays beginning yesterday - so no problems, simply an adjustment and throwing plan b into action, the main concern of course, was island times getting done to deadline -:)