hi, hi, hi, beautiful su-unday

spider webs every where, the air thick with butterflies, the sky solid blue with narry a cloud .. life, in winter, really couldnt be better could it!
a glorious day!
ran to the gym, did pump and balance, did the 40/40 on the trx, only one extra push up to friday, no extra on the pull ups - man they are TOUGH! soooo 15/21 - ran home ... nice start., it is 'rest day' :)

storm had today off ... she rarely gets a weekend day off so it was REALLY nice .. so we decided we would go into coral beach for a picnic lunch, as it was so beautiful there yesterday ... and, it was just as divine, perhaps moreso.... cos we did it together.
i forget a little its hard work, but she pushed through, and did all the way to the lookout with me, and i was very proud.

we ate a picnic lunch on the beach... lay on the coral in the sunshine sun bathing and chatting, couldnt swim cos of the croc signs, however, it isnt a swimmable beach really anyways, sea lice ... (luvverly!)
then found heaps of coral to decorate our plants with before heading back out ... i think thats actually illegal to do. ooops? :)

yeah. it's a pretty tough life.


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