3650km in 365 days

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3650km in 365 days, a challenge for the "average" runner
I thought I would kick this off following on from Stacey Toby's 750km in 75 days thread. I admired her spunk and intent to choose a goal somewhere near the edge of her ability, put it out there on a public forum, and have a crack.
So in the same spirit, starting New Years Day and continuing throughout 2011, can you average 10km of running per day?
I know there are plenty of ultra nuts who could knock this out in the year, but it isn't intended for those of us who frequent the darkside. We have more than enough goals to motivate us to keep up our mileages, and it wouldn't be too much of a challenge for any ultra runner competing regularly.
Actually, I reckon if you run more than one event of 100km or longer in 2011, you are inelligible. Go find a bigger sandpit in which to play. This is more for the marathoners, half enthusiasts and fun runners.
So who is in?  Paul Every

i dont consider myself an ultra runner as such - certainly not a hardcore one alongside some of the guys and gals i know - those they class head to the dark side :) , i DO find this challenge a large sandpit to play in, so im still hoping i can be a part of it with others that have set the goal too even though i will run an ultra or three over the course of the year ... i mean, of course, regardless i can do it on my own, its just sometimes good to be accountable - to actually let others know, i am on target, or i have digressed so far i have not a chance of completing it ...

my response:
i LOVE this idea paul ...
in agreeance with ucb, not sure just cos someone is an ultra runner they necessarily cover this distance in training ...!!  ( ucb had written:  "pishposh. any half decently crazy ultrarunner spends enough time injured that they could struggle with this. not that i would know of course :P " )
i tend though, to do running in cycles - im full on, then i do more gym work than anything else before i realise my running for the week has been pushed to the side ..
yes, i will be doing a couple/few ultras this year, but my running is far from uniform, i think this is an AWESOME challenge, and goal, even for myself, that creates that steady approach based on regularity ... it sounds easy, and yes, i do some long runs now and again which may boost the total on the occasion but it ISNT an easy target at all!!!
this works on 'consistency', creating a 'streak' ... that would be a good focus for me...
there would be no way i did 3650kms this year ... even with a handful of ultras thrown in - not even close! i keep a rough guide but, like my running, though i like to keep it up to date, i forget a day or two which turns into a week, and im struggling to remember everything i did (called old age too though! buggar!)
so, hopefully im allowed to join in
and my goal - 3650kms in 365 days - with a consistent approach - and of course, having to keep an accurate record of all running
i was chatting this morning after water aerobics (eeeek stand corrected - kerrin says it is 'aqua fitness' :D) .... but YES before the shock horror hits - i went to my first ever in my life 'aqua fitness' class haha! (thanks mark and vicki! that'll teach me to NEVER stand you guys up on christmas morning again!) - spent more time worried about my boobs coming out my swimmers than anything else, really certain they would! but kerrin had a secret code (which she shared with everyone so NOT quite secret eh!) she was gonna do if she saw them pop out haha! by golly, you have to do a LOT of floating stuff - maybe i drank a lot of the pool too! it was actually TOUGH. kinda fun. not sure. i got very burnt though.

digressed :) whats new!?
about running goals ... maybe i have too many for this year, all are achievable and intertwined with this one though, so this is the 'overall' goal, scattered between races - marathons and ultras - my major target being, to obtain a qualifier for six foot in 2012... for, surprisingly - i dont have one.

going to be doing a 20km run with others from the gym (or 10 (.9) km option) new years morning, so, that will be a good beginning ..... even i might go soft and do it easy though. will see how the nye night beforehand pans out - no doubt i wont be awake at midnight, thats for sure! only time i can recall being so was when we did the opera house fireworks a couple years ago ... no choice then! but when theres a bed? old age sleeping vs staying awake for a 'magic hour' - damn - ... no competition :D

cheers to 2011! come forth january 1 and bring some routine and normalcy back to life!!


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