the best daughter in the world

my day, wasnt very flash - the morning, a shocker
storm got stuck into me about how rude i was, to michelle, to the people on the road, in the supermarket ... while still at the gym she said to me when we get home, i am going to bed to SLEEP (this is at 11.30am, bless her cotton socks) and she is closing the door and i aint coming out till bedtime ! ha
but, michelle had said i was flat too. i was different from tuesday morning ???? well, she has been away for a week and just got back, we spoke before bike tuesday morning very briefly - simply polite conversation, not informational - i havent seen her since then until our training session this morning, we did weights, its not really a im at the circus watching the clowns laughing time .. and - ive changed? i arent really sure how she figured that out from so little to go by .... \o/

i was feeling happy as far as i had knew ....
but, i CAN see it wasnt a very good conversational day mayhaps? i wasnt chatty, or possibly i should have simply remembered to put the smile face on before leaving home ...
plus, because i had struggled with the balance class tuesday morning, normally its just the back track i cant do, so i dont mind so much ... but this one the ab track i couldnt do either, decided since it was the same one this morning, to not go, ... but i was kinda grumpy about that decision, as it means now, since it will be the same one all next week too, i probably wont go either ... which drops out, many ... which i love doing :(
pissed at me, at my back, at my limitations
pissed at people, pissed at lack of control

hmmmm, maybe i WAS a prat.

when we arrive home, storm, gets her iPod, closes the shutters in my bedroom, tells me to lay down, to do a 15 minute meditation she has on the iPod ... tired, yes, so i did. i reckon i would even have slept for hours given the chance, unfortunately, i had a ton of work to do though .... grabbed my 15 minutes though

for, guess what she does? :) man, we ALL need beautiful teenage daughters.
i could hear her doing something in the kitchen, thought she was making her lunch... she came in and put a pillow down, i pulled the earphones out and said 'what, so now youre gonna watch im actually relaxing?!!
nope. she had made an avocado face mask .... and she massaged my face, and my hands while i lay listening and relaxing ... then got a hot flannel and cleared it all off .. and, it was divine. smelled delicious to boot!

and after 15 minutes, i came out from my room, and i smiled.
i love her, so much.
im about the luckiest mum in the world.


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