week two - too!

The body is a big sagacity, a plurality with one sense, a war and a peace, a flock and a shepherd. 
~Friedrich Nietzsche
wow, i HAVE to be happy with the weeks results ... and am.
would be great to have measurements too ... to see where it has disappeared from, but, i guess really 4kgs isnt that much, so tape wise there probably isnt that much of a change two weeks on ... but, 6kgs to goal! sounds do'able. but not easy, i know.
my personal *challenge* is being successful - and i think i am becoming 'fitter' though i have nothing tested to actually measure that side of things against, i guess thats my downfall against the real challenge at the gym that everyone is a part of. they have a bench mark... oh well. just got to trust something is going right and each day, i train with a high intensity and challenge my body enough ...  to create change that makes for a fitter, and healthier, me
arduous work doing it on your own though  :/ you never realise how motivating support is until you dont have it anymore

week at a glance - the exercise that got me there (along with great eating!) ...

too much too soon

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.
~ Henry Miller
thursday - day 12 - 74.7kg - WOW - yes! seventy four point seven!!
= loss of 3.9kilos ... 6.1 to goal. nearly half way...

exercise am 10k run  1pm plyometrics (an old one written up by michelle, and i did it hard core!!!) later pm combat felt awesome after the ply, and, felt really really strong doing it. in fact. not only strong. but clean, powerful in the jumps, nimble? is nimble a descriptive word of exercise? dunno.

but. ok. one kilo overnight? i think NOT!  i either :- ...

mackay liberation

wednesday - day 11 of operation ann - morning weight 75.7kg = loss of 2.9kilos - a loss, is a loss. im taking that 100grams! 7.1 to goal.
exercise  am xfit, treadmill (20mins), xtrainer (10mins), step pm mackay lagoon muckaround

had a super start to the day, and a wonderful day overall!!! w00t!
awake at 5, went in to do xFit, though took my boxing stuff, hadnt been able to contact tanya but figured if she showed up for boxing, i would have to do that with her and no matter how i feel, i would smile for her and not let her down, she didn't ... did xFit - seven of us today, and a TOUGH workout, once again. a couple of great plyometric exercises thrown in which i gave my all ... ply sessions have always helped my running
one, though. is one michelle used to give me, and i could never do. i think they are called (skaters?) easy, right? - just a jump from side to side, except we had the viper too we had to twist turn with! hmmm how do you explain something :) we did them in the warm up minus the viper, i couldnt do them. did them as a harder version in the sets, i still couldnt do them. once i get 'going' though, and a rhythm, im ok. its just the starting. my brain just cant figure a sideways jump! frustrating.
some great jumping stuff, ... and lots of core work.  a damn fine workout!
home for a quick breakfast before heading back in to do step. now that is hard after doing a xfit  :) LOVE it. love the pumped legs feeling! hmmm....  or the feeling they just cant do anymore, yet.... they DO!
got back to the gym a little early and did treadmill for 20 minutes of intervals then xtrainer for 10 minutes beforehand

day ten

tuesday morning - day 10 - 75.8kg = loss of 2.8kilos - keeps going downwards so thats something good right? 7.2 to goal.

sunday 24 oct am run to gym (2.5k), 28mins xtrainer, 10 mins rower, pump, balance, run home (2.5k) pm run honeyeater trail (8km), walk just past jubilee (10k)
feeling good. rarely hungry. but eating well.

monday 25 oct am run to gym (2.5k), park - 10 x 100m sprints, combat (miss last track), run home (2.5k) pm swim 1hr, run to p.o. return, pump (in office, miss warmup and squats), step, ½hr xtrainer

depression hit during combat - what the? :/
im in the middle of doing exercise which gives me relief, everything has been going well for a couple of weeks ...  and it was like a bomb blew up my mind creating an internal armageddon and ive no idea where it came from, well, part idea, but it isnt sensical to the outside world...

forever is tough

depression ...
i hate it. i hate it so frigging much :(

week one's a winner

VERY pleased with the results of week one ... a loss
- of 2.1kgs!!!  :D

have really concentrated on getting the calories in, have not run as much as i would have liked, hit with a headache last monday and allowed myself to use that as an excuse to not run that morning, nor to do a step class later that evening, it hung around in a slightly milder dose for a couple days but been feeling pretty ok other than that...

washing woes

there is something innately embarassing about having to use a laundromat, but i'm not sure quite what it is ...
it surely could not be worse than living in a home with this contraption? now, i have seen everything! imagine, your dream, to own a home with a toilet/washing machine combo! w00t! keeping up with the joneses takes on a whole new meaning i think i will pass on

our washing machine is broken, the guy finally came today to fix it, after two weeks! however, it needs some part from lg, so, will be a while longer. we have utilised two solutions - one bad, one very bad, in the meantime :D

the 'cradle' will rock

sunday, day two, ran to the gym. did pump and balance, and ran home ... a good start. nothing 'different'. nothing 'challenging' though, i guess ... the sunburn HURT. storm got a couple of hours off again in the middle of the day. we were going to go swimming, but the sunburn was too ouch so we became a couple of couch potatoes and watched an episode of dawsons creek :D watching from the beginning again for the third time cos we finished one tree hill, for the second time ! :) yeah, surprise!! every now and again, even i do something of no value to life - cool eh!?   
at 4.30, i went and did the same walk michelle and i did yesterday, except, it was shaded ... :) and i ran many sections of it.
i had woken and weighed only 77.8, so figured a loss of 800 grams overnight, was worthy of a repeat performance. haha sometimes i dont live on planet earth :P i KNOW the rules of weight loss, but still, a nice thought to think i had actually really lost it ... :D and would do so again with a repeat performance.

10 week plan to a new ann

“happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried - for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.”

the challenge started today at the gym. i have never actually done it ... the social side of it i would not handle 'supposedly', but probably a correct assumption - specially, with some of the *******'s involved i would most likely end up simply overwhelmed and very much, the loner standing tucked away somewhere wishing i could disappear! .... im just not so great to mix with anyone at the gym, and not even really that sure why? i fit in elsewhere i go. maybe, i'm just, too .... different.
anyways, regardless my social lack - the challenge is something i could really have use for at the moment, i need to challenge my fitness levels and my physical being .... so, over the past couple days have been thinking there is no reason i can't set my own 8 week challenge. im 'supposedly good' at being my own motivator (why people actually think that though i have NO idea, i need a rocket up my a** most days! :/ but thats the image of myself ive seemingly put across \o/ )

upsizing - takes over

i think i am becoming more and more at ease with the fact, that i will NEVER understand people ... nor they me ... maybe i am alien ... and maybe, that's a positive trait.

this morning, i heard the most ridiculous excuse i have ever heard in my life as a justification, to eat junk food! actually, junk food, too kind a description for purely valueless energy intake - the disbelief they said what they did, heightened as they became so vocally defensive of junk food. what the! i was honest to goodness, speechless!

we have a new mcdonalds - we already have one in our small town, seems, that isnt sufficient apparently. and to top it off, this new one, is a 24 hour one.

i guess there really mustn't be anything quite like a 2am serve of fat, sugar and salt!?? if someone could explain the satisfaction of that to me, the value of it to their life - i would be more than willing to listen, doubt, i would ever agree its necessity though ....

'k'turn nightmares

i think, if i hear the term, 'k-turn' again in my life, i will scream!
training day today - andrew and i went and did ATV training for the ses, so we can zoom around the place on a quad (or the six wheeler) should it ever be needed ... :)
gonna start at 8 but he msged me to say they wanted us there instead at quart after 7 ... i had boxing with tanya at 6 so i got him to pick me up at the gym after class ...

i thought we had a day of fun to come, cos i thought they were easy to learn/control/play with .... haha - dont know what dream cloud i was living under :D

rainy days and s(f)un days

If you go into a forest with your mind only, you'll only notice the sounds and the mind will try to interpret them. You might think you're present; but you're not really, you're simply judging what you hear. But if you become aware of the silent dimension underneath the sounds and in between the sounds, then you become present because... the moment you become aware of the silence, you also have become silent ... Eckhart Tolle

what a wonderful few days away i have had ...
plant powered camp, vegan camp, running camp
call it what you may, it was just incredibly cool - even literally! ok. no. literally, it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING!!! and rainy. but, it was the BEST.

for me, a week, but the actual camp was friday through to monday ... left to brisbane wednesday, then to sydney thursday morning ...