the best laid plans

oftenatime, i forget what i enjoy.

today, i was reminded of it.

things werent quite to plan, but got a great run in despite of.

slept in, but didnt get to bed till 1, woke, and it was NINE O CLOCK!!!
oh well, change plans but they werent concrete, in fact, i hadnt really known how to pull off what i had to do anyways ...
was spose to do the great walk, starting at brandy creek obviously across to airlie ... but the one person i feel comfortable enough to ask to give me a lift to the beginning of it ... so i can just run it once across from brandy creek end, is, not in my life anymore. well. told him to leave me alone. that was 12 days ago. so far, that has now worked, though in the past it hasnt. so to ring him up, and ask for a lift, moreso, knowing he most likely would, is very wrong of me...

therefore, stranded.

i could of course, have run to the brandy creek, ... did consider it but it meant an early start to make it through before nightfall, and a 15km road run, then 6km dirt road to get there, to do a 27k trail back to home, wasnt really, what i wanted to do ... i dont have the mindset for that sort of road run along the highway, probably never will

next option, do what ive done a few times before, start from kara, just go across half way, turn around and come back, this end, is the tough end, so good option, and actually what i planned to do, well, would have gone in to 14k then turned, which gives a 26k run ...

decided last minute - tomorrow storm and i will go to mackay to see stepup 3d as she has her first sunday off in a long while, and wants to see the movie, moving across to capers ... so, decided if we are doing that, and a lady is selling books in bowen for me tomorrow, then, i should do the troppo markets in mackay while there, ...
wouldnt make a separate trip, for either, together, and top it with seeing tobias, and, we have a day!

so hence had to get some work done then that i wouldnt get done tomorrow as planned, also get ready for it all ...

so, when i left to go do half great walk, got to the honey eater turnoff, and decided, what the hay, do that instead - 3 times. and, turned right. actually, more felt like sitting awhile at the top and just contemplating life, so wanted, the view.
24kms. 3kms under plan, but i also went from home to the beginning and return so it adds a little extra ... - the screed, was REALLY slippery, the council, in their clean up has either dumped dirt down, which i doubt, so, have simply cleared the leaves, leaving a few inches of simple, soft dirt. dangerous really. even for the touristy walkers. specially coming down with the steepness .... kicked up a lot of dust
heading up the second time, i fell, hard on my left butt cheek, had storms iPod, have never run with that before, but as i was falling, it was in my back pocket, right side, and didnt want to break it :) so fell purposeful, but my friggin left side of all sides!!! but then, amazingly, had just hit the turnoff up where the running is easier and its all not quite so steep, just very up and down ... and i ran, just so wonderfully, i felt so good, and, my sciatica, didnt hurt a bit. maybe i FIXED IT!!!! by falling on it :P wouldnt that be quite something to smile about!!
anyways, happy with my run. sore when i got home. cold shower. sooooo nice after all the dirt. stretch.
not the great walk. but, as good as, if not, better.

next weekend, or the weekend after, i will do it across and back, due for 54k, so, it matters not, i am so friggin detached from people i am without anyone to drive me, just simply ... run back.

being alone, is a MUCH much better option than having to be around people...
never rely on anyone.


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