adopting crossfit mentality

i didnt do any scheduled xfit training classes this week :/

however. i have not been idle in doing the training of it, nor in learning as much as i can about it all, the benefits, the levels, the philosophy behind it, etc.
reading as much material as i can find
crossfit training - shorter sessions, high intensity, challenging, i enjoy it - they have such a different mentality to what is 'fitness'. the workouts are simply a combination of so many elements. and, when they are completed. there is nothing left in the tank! that IS, an amazing feeling... a huge adrenalin high

a month till cradle

"The body is a SIMPLE instrument...
If you misuse it you have no other place to LIVE" ~ Dr. L. Afrika

vicki, jan, me and kerrin on the way to shute harbour
well. a week into the new year already.
for me, it's been a great one, ... have been just in 'happy mode' which is a wonderful feeling to hold onto for so long, and, training - good. not excellent though.
only a month till cradle now. i havent done any trails and i havent done any 'long runs' in a while - so i feel kind of disappointed in that of myself. so therefore a little underprepared for cradle to be honest - and not sure why my enthusiasm has drained out of me for it - this time last year i was SO excited about going and being ready for it consumed my every thought ...

i HAVE run consistently every single day though, which was a goal of the year and have reached a total of 75kms for the week, that includes however the 10k new years walk, which of course, wasnt running but i included it in the total (eeeek?) - well, it was a BRISK walk keeping up with VERY fit people all of whom have incredibly long strides compared to mine! :D - 3575 to go for the year :P :)

the weeks training - many classes not on at the gym for this holiday week, so maybe a little less than what i normally do ...

what goes up must come down

grav·i·ty [grav-i-tee]–noun
the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the centre of the earth

they're not kidding ! :)

today i just wanted to cry :)
i guess i could blame fatigue. over the past couple weeks ive been running a minimum of 10kms every day, ive been doing lots of classes, lots of plyometric sessions, and lots of the daily xfit WOD's ...
but i was simply doing toe taps on a bench. 50 seconds of the easiest of the exercises of the toughest workout we were currently doing in xfit - right near the end of the 50 seconds, my left leg goes up, and what goes up is spose to come back down, right. it didnt. my right leg goes up. my left leg stayed in place - can humans balance with no feet on the ground? no point of contact? NOPE!!!! apparently NOT! haha
i fell back, hard and flat onto the concrete. on my tail bone, of which, is mostly nonexistent in my fused backbone. it knocked the wind out of me. i lay back against the wall. i wanted to burst into tears. everything hurt. and my legs were like jelly.

interesting site discovery

some great articles to read here on this guys website - newly discovered, wish i had long ago - on weight loss and nutrition ... - but be warned.
they are straight to the point, and this dude does not care about offending anyone. words we MUST hear. this guy also delves into many other areas of life too, which are all great and easy reads. - change yourself, in a positive way, today.
hard work? yes. change always is. worth it? YES!!!

beginning twenty ten plus one - positively

i loved every moment of this new years beginnings and it couldnt have gone more perfectly...

new years eve we all made delectable vegetarian delights and took up residence across from capers - sooooooooooooooooooo much food, mark and vicki brought everything but the kitchen sink and we therefore had the most loveliest of decorated tables complete with star lights and all, bling. we all must have thought we had invited a whole army along, gosh. so much to eat and choose from, but, all vegetarian. no decisions to make. i could eat what i wanted with like minded foodies and not have to question  :) that felt like such a relief ....