my mum...
the loss of a mother to a daughter is the essential female tragedy
adrienne rich... of woman born

some days, you just have to get through... as best as you can.
mothers day, definitely one of them :/ it never gets easier no matter how long she has been dead... \o/
however, the beginnings of todays was spent unexpectedly in a search and rescue over at hayman island from midnight... the afternoon, then spent. with lots of sleep. a quick way of getting through it. filled.
sleep. is good.

wintermoon (un)w00t

a dose of music, a dash of wine and
merryment the combo is SUPPOSED to make?

hindsight: noun. [hahynd-sahyt]
recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., AFTER its occurrence. 
should have gone and done the hilly half. hindsight? ALWAYS the best teacher. ah well.

eeyore. my favourite winnie the pooh character. i relate to eeyores dragging mood and never moreso reminded than today, of how eeyore like i am  :(