crocodiles with leery smiles

a couple of good runs today ... when it all come down to it, thats what ive got to be concentrating on right now... only 4 weeks till glasshouse 100m

ran out at kingfisher in the morn, coral beach in the afternoon. croc sightings so the warning signs were out, made me a bit on edge, the place was dry as a bone though ... my mind went everywhere when i realised i actually knew little about crocs and where they lived or what they could do ...

morning conversation with storm when i headed out and she was going to be at work before i got home ....

"running at coral this afternoon, when i ran out at shute harbour thursday and ran past the entrance, the croc signs were out, can humans outrun crocs?"
"mummy, what do YOU think?!"
"uhmmm i have NO idea, thats why im asking, should i be worried?"
she sighs - "mummy, crocs have tiny stubby little legs, they can't run. they swim. on land, they are slow"
"are you sure?"
"ok. well. if you come home tonight, and i arent home. you know im in hospital with my leg chomped off!"
"WHO is gonna find you out there!?"
"hmmmm you're right. well. if you come home tonight, and i arent home. you know im still out there somewhere with my leg chomped off!"
"ok. no probs. just make it a toe though!"

end of conversation. love the storm child!

so, ran at kf. absolutely gorgeous out there. hard to even believe its winter it was so friggin hot. great run. went to gym for a stretch between the two. mark and vicki came. quick convo with them. said i was heading to coral. asked them about crocs. vicki replies, they can run up to 60kmph!!!!!! WHAT! ha. but she thinks, only for a short time.

well. out i head.

must say, i was actually a little tentative the first couple of times through. every noise, and saw a couple of goannas, but honestly, the words in my head , repetitive and dumb. can crocs really live where it is so dry? there wasnt a single creek with any water. when i got to the beach, i wondered do they live in ocean? i dont think so .... surely not. then heading up to the lookout on the other side. can they actually go up hills? relaxed the final three. didnt get any limbs gnawed off, but there was a thousand million butterflies! and that is no exaggeration. a butterfly plague :) if it were locusts it would be declared so. absolutely BEAUTIFUL to run amongst.

bad thing about coral now though :( . since it was closed. the work they were doing, was getting rid of the tree roots and rocks etc. nothing challenging at all on the way down to the beach from the car park. which almost now renders it a useless run for me as far as trail training goes .... whereas it used to be one of the toughest...

the first section, all the way to the beach - they completely filled in with dirt and stones to create a very even, very smooth path :/ no roots or rocks, its simply, an easy, straight run. WHY the hell would they do that?! - that REALLY sucks. still the same the other end of the beach for up to the lookout, fun again there, but, i dunno, why would they muck around with nature!?
michelle says theyve made it 'tourist-friendly' - WELL, i loved it when it was 'ann-friendly'!! :)

end result of day though. 30kms. beautiful sunshine. fluttery butterflies. croc awareness - oh - note to self, google crocs and find out more about them :) - and, really fun running.

The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck! ~Author Unknown

the night ... not so fun though. too social :/ too much vodka :/ and i dont like, men. i am much better at just spending time, by myself. in the future, i need to stick to that rule ....

words, escape me.


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