great training week

a good week, training wise. yayayay! feeling great. total running - 110kms. well, that will include tomorrow as well. so, only 56kms so far!

sunday 15 august: rest day.
run to gym • pump • balance • run home
pm coral beach - walk - 4km
ok, that wasnt quite a 'rest' day .. but the afternoon, already written of, relaxing, which makes it ............ simply, restful. :) bliss.

monday 16 august
pm 5 x sets of stairs, 3km run. 3 times • pump
well, i was told to do the run, am. then plenty of rest time before pump. advice: always listen to michelle! yeah, the stairs, the run, 3 times! then straight to pump - WOAH!! do i HAVE legs?
2,700 stairs. who's counting!? squats and lunges to follow - w00t! now THERES, quite a feeling!!

tuesday 17 august
am run to gym • bike • balance • run home
pm night run: (with ses) into 1st campsite gw /return 10kms - well, two of the guys went in the 'fast group' with me, we walked, fast :) was an awesome evening actually, despite no run. the 'slow group' - not sure where they ended up but they had communication where we didnt. which was the point of doing it. we could only communicate with them then they relayed our messages.

wednesday 18 augustam boxing • run to gym • step • run home - legs 'heavy' after the stairs monday, compared to last week again
pm weights • conway beach 3km (sand training, week one)

thursday 19 august
am run to gym • balance • pt (tough, as always) • run homepm combatwas going to do hip hop with tanya after combat, she didnt show, so, had got myself psyched up for it, not something i wanted to do, but, had said i would, the energy, to get myself able to do it, wasted :) and, wish i could do combat bare footed with alison like with kerrin or michelle .... ah well. when i go, i know i have to wear shoes with her, so, i went. by choice.

friday 20 augustam balancepm run to gym • plyometrics • run home (pushed myself hard, :D yay. really muggy to boot)

saturday 21 - tomorrow
excited about it ...
it's only 3 weeks until the glasshouse100m - 54km training run through the great walk in the whitsundays ... have a heel spur thats decided the past few days it will give me some grief and flare up sporadically!!! nice! hoping, i make it without too much problem, for once i start - committed the distance! my fingers are crossed it doesnt turn into a km of running and 53 of limping!! ... :)

however, the heel, has been ok once i start using it and it warms up a little ... the longest run i have done in one hit lately though has been 30kms, so not sure how much the extra distance will impact - just hoping it can go the distance, plus, tonight have been stretching the calf, using ice and rolling a tennis ball underneath the heel! ha - using ice!! thats bad terminology. drug days, LONG gone. 'using an ice pack, under my foot!' :D

sooooooooooooooo, next entry, will be the success, no matter the time, for my main goal however is to get the nutrition right, ready for gm, get the endurance working for me, the time is fairly irrelevant, though id sure like it to be 'good'!!
also have the gps from ses so we get a more accurate mapping of the trail, than what we have. just got to remember to use the set points as i go along ...

went and voted today, so, tomorrow i dont have to worry any about it and get myself in a tizz if i am late in getting back from running. not sure the point, who i voted, wont win :) sobeit! who did i vote? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. the one i want to win, of course!
hint: it wasn't for a girl :P~~ (sorry girlpower!)
i should, get to bed.


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