homeward bound

midnight 8 hours till i make the drive back to home.

my legs feel great, had a hard time going up and down steps on monday, today a trip into brisbane sure loosened the muscles up -odd because i never get sore during any training, and, i dont recall any soreness at all after the northface, however i was in a position then to have an ice cold bath straight after finishing, - this time i wasnt. i think that makes the difference.
my ankle, swollen, but i have an appointment at the doctors before i leave to get it freshly strapped and hopefully, the drive wont be too harsh on it and aggravate - wishful thinking? mayhaps. times like this an automatic would be kinda nice.

glasshouse mountains

sometimes in life we do things some people will never understand - this weekend, for me, has been one of them.

for i am seen in my small community as *crazy* *silly* *odd* - in a nice way of course, but, people just dont get how wonderful it feels to run longer distances, to me, it doesnt matter whether an event (since ive only run two, this is good haha) im such a late starter, or out training on my own ... i dont understand why "everyone isnt out doing it."

so, this weekend, i got the opportunity to meet the most amazing and generous people - many whos entries and blogs i had read over the past year on cool runnings - and i have finally found a place i actually belong - alongside others who have the shared joy of challenging that beyond which we are capable of - testing out own boundaries and abilities - i entered into the glasshouse mountains 100miles.