bul-ly [bool-ee]

1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
2. a person who hurts, ridicules, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people
verb (used with object)
to act the bully toward; make fun of; intimidate; domineer.
to hurt, intimidate, or persecute (a weaker or smaller person)
verb (used without object)
to be loudly arrogant and overbearing.

ive just discovered, though i guess i did know it anyways, adults, can be even bigger 'bullies' than kids ... the line, just more blurred
it abhors me they find it funny - it abhors me, they are only good at it, WHEN THEY ARE WITH OTHERS!
tough, arent they... boolee's!
they are actually very weak people, weak outside their comfort zone, weak without their flock of sheep surrounding them and for them to make fun at someone elses expense, proves, they are SO friggin uncomfortable with themselves, they have to ridicule others, to show themselves bigger than what they are, or ever will be.
it abhors me, when it affects me.
and an incident, has. but only by its repetiveness - for the actual triggering event, yesterday, i wasnt even there for. it could be quite innocent? but, i have however, witnessed the same scenario, time and again, over the past couple of years.

tough, arent they... uber cool! :/ ... people in their cliquey groups.

while physical bullying may be easy to detect, other types of bullying, such as social and psychological bullying, are hard to put your finger on.... and this would have to be, as adults, the most disgusting form of bullying in the human race.
its a tough enough world already without - i am just hoping, these people do NOT have children. my god
:( imagine the role model behaviours they must display :/ 

i have actually just thought of something.
the people i actually connect with, especially the new people that come to this town - are always the 'outsiders' - the ones that actually show emotions, the ones that are rumoured about, the ones that are ... simply not accepted. the ones that dont fit in
maybe its something they sense, within me, that i will embrace them, warts and all. \o/ fact probably is, the more warts, the more i will open my arms.
the more others wont accept them, the more i will ....
the more the cliques in this town rally around their own circle, the more i will grab these purely gracious and beautiful people and just enjoy them for who they are. happy sad good or bad.
every single person in this human race is important, and needs to be treated as such. not ridiculed for all that they apparently lack in the eyes of those that think they are better.
i dont get why people need, or have to make themselves feel important, by bringing someone else down. why people, have to laugh at others or their actions.
why people think they are sooooo cool, and so tough. by doing so.
it IS - bullying!

and, ????  -  i dont get it.

bleh. i should write the event. the people involved will never read this. but, its the internet, perhaps they might. should i feel intimidated by that? actually NO.
in fact, the main person involved  in yesterday, the 'cool one' (ooooh yes she is just SOOOOOO FUNNY, so tough, so cool, so hilarious in her actions, i laugh all the time!!?!  8|  )  i AM normally intimidated by, but for the first time ever, right now, i see how pathetic she is and actually find that very sad.

ive no doubt she would say negative stuff about me to others, from what i can gather she would say little nice about anybody, especially her friends - they rarely do, these grotesque people who need to bring others down. (always know if someone speaks ill of another to you, they speak ill of you, to someone else)
however, for some uncanny reason, she has a large gaggle of sheep that follow, spend time with her! laugh? "oh yes, it was funny!" amazing isnt it. the bullies, always have the support?
however, i have actually discovered she is not actually very liked by others at all ... if she only knew the things said of her maybe it all wouldnt be quite so funny. but isnt that just bizarre human behaviour? i mean, i cant imagine why anyone would want to associate with her.. let alone spend ANY time in her presence - especially if you DON'T  like them? isnt life, isnt the time we have, more precious than to hang around loud obnoxious self serving arrogant characters ????

i guess all i can have comfort in, for myself, is, other than actually having to physically see her which is bad enough, i dont actually ever have to converse with her. and never have, in three years of living here. life, DOES HAVE GOOD ASPECTS!!!!!! and - foolish for those who do who obviously have loads of time on their hands to endure the company of such a character. their life i guess.
i will stick with the nice people, and there is many about ...

if you see someone, anyone. alone. nervous. new. alien in the environment they have found themselves in. embrace them. talk to them. help them.
and if you dont want to? well, thats your choice of course. noone is asking you to actually be a kind person and adopt nice behaviours. but just get out of the picture. rack off!
never ever, EVER, laugh at them. or talk about them. because they are different. or because they are lost in what to do. or if they do something that isnt the 'norm' to how things are done.... simply. stay quiet, shut your mouth for just once in your life...  and let those that WILL help, or will make them feel comfortable and welcome, do so.

"most organisations have a serial bully... it never ceases to amaze me how one person's divisive dysfunctional behaviour can permeate the entire organisation like a cancer."


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