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now i have seen it all! an alarm clock, to encourage 'activity' ... we have the answers to the worldwide weight problem! :D

Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock - won't shut off until you do 30 bicep curls!

well, considering the bicep track in pump class is my least favourite - ( love when we don't do it :D oh i have such WEAK biceps!) - maybe i should invest in this little gadget :) and i will have strong bulging biceps before i know it! unfortunately, i dont use an alarm clock, otherwise... hmmmmmmmmm it's just sooo tempting eh!
i can only imagine it's annoyance when you go from beautiful dreams to arm bending, to turn off some wretched screeching noise! haha

the description...  for anyone wanting to buy a gift for under $20 :P~ who knows , maybe it has many multi uses! great value then

Just as it's getting tougher and tougher to get up in the morning, a little something's stepping up and making sure you start the day off right. It's a challenge, but you'll look buff.

The Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock and dumbbell all wrapped up into one novelty alarm clock package. Set the digital alarm clock as normal using the friendly buttons and then wait for your wake up call with a twist.

On the sound of the alarm clock only the upward swing of the dumbbell shuts off the repeating buzz – 30 upward swings of the dumbbell that is – and you can watch your total count down from 30 in the LCD display.

Not only do you get up with this fantastic digital alarm clock you can shape up too, and get your dumbbell exercises out the way before breakfast. And if you ever feel like a break just switch the Dumbbell Alarm Clock from exercise to normal mode and give your muscles a rest.

  • Shape mode: screen displays 30 secs countdown once alarm, alarm stops as long as 30 lifting
  • Requires 30 bicep curls to turn off the alarm
  • Digital alarm clock with LCD display
  • Normal and exercise alarm mode
  • Only 1 dumbbell per pack
  • Time must be right way up when doing curls for counter to work <- so no cheating haha!


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