running starts again

yesterday - the iron shots, dr decided to go against what the pharmacist said, even after asking him specifically, but thats ok. and better. double dose every friday. and only three weeks to see how it goes! thats do'able. nurse was going to give it to me, then, because i was in with him, she had someone else with some hour long procedure arrive, so dr had to do it - he didnt want to :) ahhhhhhh the life of a dr - but he didnt have choice, so, butt - jabbed. energy - is on its way. fingers crossed, cos it friggin well HURT and still hurts!

so this evening, i headed off for my first 'run'
5km - the goal - w00t :D but it's a trial to see how i do
the day was good, i did no exercise in the morning at all, in fact, woke relatively late
so, fresh to run. goal, to the gym and return.
and, i did it!
i was so extremely happy - ok, it wasnt 'easy' and it was 'only 5k' but, i did it. a couple of hills, and a stop right near the end, i wish i hadnt stopped, but - it wasnt about dizziness or head spinning or anything to do with energy levels at all. i felt fantastic, i just couldnt get my lungs to get a good breath, and that was after a downhill, which makes it worse cos i was 'recovered' from the uphill slog, anyways, did it though, which was the important thing and was ECSTATIC! hopefully, improvement comes

becoming positive

well well, life changes quickly. lots of positives today. in fact. im going to try my very best to only write positives from now on.
started the day with balance class which is about the best way ANY day could start! while still not able to lay on my belly i did MUCH better than tuesday night. always nice doing a class with kerrin. actually had some laughs with her afterwards re some photos I have received. in a nice way. people are very gracious, and for a lot of them, in sending photos, they have touched a part of themselves which is important to them. so im trying to think of ways to include everyone. because, they have all been so supportive of me and generous in sharing

day one to getting better

this picture is titled. ann runs. yet, i dont. such an oxymoron. but. one day, i will again!

today the doctor is letting me go to 'top my engine up' w00t w00t! so. the explanation.

yesterday, i was starting to get a little concerned at my lack of improvement. ok, concerned? or frustrated? maybe they overlap. i was tired of the pain, though i was dealing with that, it was worsening, but that may just be a mind/brain thing, and i wasnt strong enough, perhaps i had simply reached the end of tolerance .... and, gave up.
the actual worse thing that can happen is i do black out. when that happens, i need to be laying. then my body will take over and restore itself to normal and i will be - good :)

boy. does ANY of that make sense? i doubt it. cos its all seemingly so opposite to what one would do if unwell. specially, how i have been feeling... specially, even, this from morn, till the afternoon. but well. im back. may i be THAT positive. overall. the project, was a success. yes. i did try pretty hard tonight. it may not have shown. i felt giddy. yes. there are moments i wasnt sure i could or should keep going. when i did, i punched harder, i lifted my knees higher. i tried to stay jumping. it - worked ! it, went past the dizzy feel, many times.
man. but the dr was right.
what a learning.

i felt at my worst driving home. would have been good if i could twitch my nose or something and magically be there.
and, i have felt pained tonight, but , mostly, cos of .........