honeyeater heaven

(why? because.)
met up with michelle this morn to head up honeyeater - oh my, it was at its brilliant best for us - despite a little overgrown at the beginning, we were privvy to the most beautiful sun coming through the overhead canopy with the mist in the air, creating just a magic about it ... why does everyone not want to witness this early in the morning!?!
a beautiful start ... and nice to catch up of course too...
we went off to the markets and i grabbed a lift back to the gym with her to have a stretch, caught kerrin just before she started jam, she told me there was a tai chi class in the park at 10am .. asked would i head to it and check it out as we are considering bringing it into the gym ... oh i LOVE tai chi and its one of the things i have missed since moving here ...
ran home, got a little time with storm, wlked her down to work and continued round the foreshore to find the class ... i got there 10 to 10 but it had already started (?) .... joined in - oh a delight!

40 people (counting me) - overlooking the water, a gorgeous sunny day, the peaceful movement of tai chi -
so with honeyeater, and then tai chi ... WHAT a most gorgeous start to the day :D

had a ton of work i wanted to get done so when i head to wintermoon i could just relax and enjoy it ... and forgot, however. hilly half is on at hamilton island tomorrow ... christie contacted me to see if i was heading over ... had already arranged my morrow :/ and didnt feel prepared for it anyway. load of hogwash. i have been running with him and fred and can run the distance -  he said to me to just go over with him and run it slowly ... said i couldnt. 10 past 6 he txts to say there is a final boat at 6.30 - haha! 20 minutes to get ready and get my backside from home to shute harbour :) not a chance. well. in life. there will always be disappointments. i SHOULD, have been on that boat and heading over. but a good day. nonetheless. and looking forward to tomorrow.


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