magical monday

oh what a day!
glorious glorious glorious - beginning to end! after a couple of days of cold rain, even the weather was simply perfect

headed with kerrin and kylah to breakfast, we got a little lost along the way, reward though - the yummiest fruit salad ...
then into virgin, kerrin and michelle doing the vipR course there - kylah and i hung around, checking it out :)
MASSIVE! too massive for me, but, amazing to see such a huge gym. they had a kick machine i could use very easily every day and not get bored of!! oh. and a sleep area :D now surely that could come in handy!
had to race fast back to the hotel as i had overstayed timewise, on the way stopped quickly at an eftpos to grab some cash, and the machine ate my card. BAD timing! would love to say haha! but boy did i  panic, fortunately, it was attached to a bank around the corner so i ran in, the front end guy, kept trying to calm me, sad to say he wasn't having much luck, now that IS a haha! :) he eventually retrieved my card but i must say i wasn't so calm till he did then it was like a huge relief ... had to race even faster then to the hotel to beat bluedogs arrival... made it with narry a moment to spare

on our way back to his place he pointed out the sand dunes in the distance where he and bernie have been doing some running training recently, so .. given the questioning of my lack of exercise over the weekend, i spied just a perfect and fantastic solution, i asked could we go run there :) oh how i would love that!
we did.
woah! what an amazing place to run. we did what they call 'seven hills' - twice through ... though all were tough, one in particular, supersteep, a landslide of sand - one step felt like a slip of four back! haha - well, definitely what it felt like :D but man it was the BEST fun!!!! a waterfall of sand ...
coming down all the hills and running across the flats, and oh how i love barefoot training anyway, was simply magical. and doing it with two amazing and experienced runners, made the whole thing, even moreso! can only ever extend a thank you for the experience ... how lucky was i!?

i would LOVE, i mean, LOVE!!! a playground like that at airlie to train on...

its apparently where the biggest loser peeps do their sand dune tasks, i haven't watched the show so don't know the tasks, but from the description i was told, MAN what a workout they would have had! it was tough even without carrying anything let alone lugging water as well.

out to lunch from there, then headed to their gym - a fitness first gym, to do some weights. they have some interesting looking machines compared to fv that i havent seen before - did a few things bernie does and a few of my own. bd went and swam.
so - a good run on the sand dunes, some weights - always a great feeling ...felt like i had worked out just perfectly!

we met mark and sarah for dinner - super nice evening :) LOVED the day!
nice wine, great food, wonderful company, and just fantastic to catch up outside a race.

a ps: loved bd's shirt collection, think he has like a thousand shirts or something! if not that many, not even too far off an exaggeration :) all from america. gorgeous! go BD!!

the weekends photos


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