wanted: trails - open ones!

a great run this morning with christie and fred out at the airport again, with paul and his family joining us for the second time through ... 20kms, but... unfortunately. road \o/ it creates a real mind f*** for me seeing just an endless piece of tar that goes forever as opposed to trails that are just ever changing and beautiful  ... guess thats a different sort of training to conquer :)
tried to run based on my heart rate, keeping it at a rate i would do the 100km at - couldnt, was between 80 and 90% pretty much the whole time. and can't keep that pace up over 100kms. hmmm

with only 4 weeks till northface i am struggling to find an appropriate place to do some distance trail training - i really wish the great walk would re-open... every time i ask someone about it the date changes, or is 'unknown' ... kingfisher is now difficult to get to, honeyeater just ... difficult :)
have been doing lots of stair work and did mt rooper during the week. wet. wet. wet. wet. muddy. wild and slippery. it needs, lots of work. and i. need. new trail shoes.

fred had prepared yet another delicious breakfast for us to eat before christie raced me back to the gym in time to do balance ... was stiff as anything from running when hopping out of the car so what a great class to do and stretch out, feels. amazing.
afterwards went through some stuff with kerrin for the ladies doing the run for buns training, a bit more time consuming cos we are away from mid week so had to do two weeks worth, but sorted ...  then left from there out to shute harbour to do stair drills! yay. fun! not. but, damn it felt good afterwards :D an awesome morning!

the rain, the wet, the mud, running in it all ... everything i LOVE. just feel my training is well below par because of it. or just, well, below what is necessary to do blue mountains.  i need to get a few really long runs in over the next couple of weeks....  its the same sort of feeling i had for cradle mountain!

but. i can keep making excuses. or. i can just keep running, anywhere i can. when i can. as long as i can. and hope the weather eventually fines up, all the trails open and i can fast track an appropriate training program that will get me in and under 20 hours at northface... meantime. i stick with roads, lots of stairs still, which will be of the biggest benefit anyway and throw in a handful of hills... ok. tons of hills. :D

overall. am very happy with the past week of running and all that i was able to accomplish given our weather woes! i still need to cut some classes though. since that has been on the agenda for two years i guess i arent likely to. but it would be nice to just run, and see the difference if not fatigued by anything else as well.


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