planes, trains and .... odors!

a great day :D
had a wonderful morning at the gym, great people, a few enquiries, and just on an adrenalin buzz anyway, ready to head off ... plane trip. was a plane trip! ugh! prossy to brissy not so bad, other than, crammed into a plane is noones idea of fun and tough on my back, but brisbane to sydney was worse. squashed between a guy who i dont think had showered in months, and had sprayed himself, possibly in an attempt to conceal the fact he hadnt showered in months, in a throat choking, eye watering deodorant, and to my right, a large lady who's body rolled into my seat as well ... was grateful to arrive and get off the plane.

tried to figure my way to the hotel via train, with one of the station attendants, not really even sure exactly where i was going to.. being very helpful given my cryptic description, and was on the platform waiting for the train when a text came through from michelle with a where am i and directions! and. i was NOT heading to the right station at all. unable to read the fine print on the map, got a young dude to help me, and, realising my errors, ended up with only moments before the trains arrival, sprinting back up to the ticket office to change my ticket to take me to the right station :) ha!

she had suggested if i couldnt find my way from the station to the hotel to grab a taxi, but fortunately, with much discussion and a little direction from another ticket attendant, managed to find my way and walked there, it was only two blocks from the station haha - imagine the grief of a taxi driver if i had diverted his attention for a two block journey!

was 9pm before i finally arrived, everyone was out at dinner and had left the key at the hotel reception for me ... went up to the rooms, but having travelled all afternoon cooped up tight, was itching to just get out ... so taking the key with me, left the hotel and found my way (long way, found out the next day) to darling harbour for a walk around, wow, talk about bustling ! gob smacked. i just kept walking and walking, got a call from jan to see if we were all here. he was also at darling harbour so, i was heading in his direction to meet up with him, got a call from michelle to 'let her in' uhmmm. i aint there!! ha! i should have told them i was heading out! for, i had the key, i wasnt aware that was the only one we had. so, knowing only the way i headed there, and not wanting to wear her wrath on night one :D - i ran as fast as i could trying to find backtrack my way back to here ... in a panic. i dont like to ride elevators so the only stairs are outside, and they were locked ...  the hotel guy wouldnt let me use them but after much angst with him that i SHOULD be able to use the stairs if that is my choice, he called for someone else to go with me to open them up and let me use them. phew. arrived, breathless. at our rooms. and everyone was in!!!!!!! what the. :) ah well.
said to kerrin i was heading back out again to see jan., and she said to invite him over to us. did. in the end he couldnt find where we were. so. they all went to bed, and i went back over to darling harbour to meet with him. we have just had a wonderful walk around, a drink, and a wander through a few of the shops ... close to midnight he realised he had to be at bondi beach as his last bus home was just after midnight from  there - we raced to the station and i headed back to the hotel. (he has just contacted me to say he did JUST make his bus and is back home!) ... everyone is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when i arrived back.
so i have tried to be as quiet as i can but i am just too excited to sleep. cannot wait for, tomorrow :D

2am. bring it!!!


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