fabulous friday

with misty tripoli - WOW! gorgeous (odd) woman!
adrenalin pumped!  :) it's been a blast so far.
hilarious keynote opening, two great sessions, one dud of a session, a FANTASTIC kickboxing workshop (oh i will be OUCH and bruised tomorrow) glorious fun, delicious lunch with sara (albeit quick), a rapid look around at the fitness convention stands,  a beer (haha fitness convention?!) and a wine! lovely dinner out, and sooooooooooo NOT sleepy right now, everyone else already snoring away ... :D yay for beautiful days! albeit. hectic, as all hell

michelle dean in the sh'bam opening - oh DROOL!!! :) the rest of it, interesting.

keynote: amanda gore - just HILARIOUS! sandwiched between michelle and mark, some  of the things we had to do, made me feel awkward, but hey, thats what its about! *always look on the bright side of life!*

body image dysmorphia - the truth will set you free <- my favourite session of the day ... for some reason, misty made a huge impression on me, enough for me to want to change and do her workshop tomorrow morning (going to see if i can)
its a topic that interests me very much anyway. but she presented in a way that i was somehow mesmerised by her uniqueness, her story, her - presence.
we really are our own worst enemies when it comes to body image! we really need to learn to love our bodies, ourselves. perfections and imperfections - and become truly mystified with the fact we even exist
*we live, in the coolest machine. EVER*

had organised lunch with sara - our session ran late so by the time i got to her, and she works at darling harbour, we only had a short time together. (meeting up with her maybe monday night again though for dinner) had the yummiest chickpea and cous cous salad though and a wonderful chat in the gardens there :) ... raced from her to meet up with kerrin at the fitness convention - took her to see jan as she hadn't bumped into him yet, grabbed some quick photos she was after and wanted facebooked, of the on stage xfit'ters then had to RACE my backside to ...

punchfit kickboxing <- WOW. LOVED it! an hour and a half of full on, tough, combinations and tons of sweat! realised mid way through when looking around at others i had been incredibly fortunate to have a strong and switched on partner, there is some very uncoordinated, and hmmm not sure the word to describe, but, trainers not very with it ... what a powerful class. so wish we had it. and. barefooted!! w00t! LOVED, the elbow combos especially, the knees and kicks, ok, all of it, i hope she felt she had a good partner too and we equally gave a good workout to each other! one amazing kick from her right into my side however (OUCH! uhmm, ribs there!) when she kicked to the wrong side! haha! very apologetic though - just made it more fun... learned TONS! soaked to the bone and no change of clothes (silly me) now i will be the one who smells. heaven help anyone sits near me the next two sessions :P
a ps: seeing other 'trainers' at play - made me realise what amazing trainers we have at fitness venue ... we are very VERY lucky!

raced back into the fitness convention between these two sessions to look around a bit, and bumped into jan, drooling over michelle bridges - or  *mish* as she is apparently known ... he was wanting a photo with her and waiting patiently for her to finish interviewing a shoe guy. had my camera so waited with him but time was running short ... we do NOT get enough time between sessions to actually do anything of use ... i raced to grab some more xfit pics telling him i would come back ... i was gone not even a minute, it was just a snap snap, and by the time i got back,  he already had got his photo with her, then  he pushed me towards her and said he would take a photo. not a fan. but he did.

the evolution of fat loss <- well, have not been in a proper lecture theatre since probably uni days :) did this one with kylah and we had planned to meet after our last sessions before heading in - i found it interesting, however the guy was very monologue and 'note reading' so had to concentrate really hard to stay to attention ... by mid way though, he started in on endurance running and fat stores etc, how our bodies have still NOT adapted to take in the processed foods we are fed by our food companies, and i was lured in to the facts, keenly taking it all in. a lot of it i already knew, learned when and continually researching ultra info but certainly to get a view point given in such a factual way, was beneficial - it only takes getting one or two things pointed out differently to create a different sense of something. avid notetaking!

the psychology of eating <- hmmm kylah and michelle both in this one too ... i was front row, and my goodness, felt like at any stage i was going to fall asleep, and simply roll forward falling flat on my nose in front of the speaker :/ felt like that 'driving tired and hypnotised' sort of druggedness .... not sure if it was just tiredness, but michelle and kylah, had both felt they didnt get much out of it either. nothing *new* anyway. phew. well. got to have a dud i guess. i know it doesnt hurt to have reminders, and to be fair, perhaps, i should have somehow sapped into some energy stores and been more alert and i would have learned more ... she was just very monologue though and not very interesting to stay tuned in to.

kylah headed to find kerrin, michelle and i went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner thinking thats what everyone was doing ... contacted them when nearly ready and kerrin, narelle, jan and kylah were at the 'welcome drinks' still back at the convention centre ... we went over and met up with them, - then went to eat. well. at least michelle and i smelled pretty :P~ everyone had nice dinners, with michelles help, i got a salad (phew and thankful) - not really any choices for me, but, the salad was yummy. i fear, choice - or lack of, and eating at restaurants and it was my dread of going away with a lot of people with only one really knowledgable of that fear ... but, something i had to do - and hey. tonight. i did it!
(mind you. we are right near a supermarket and last night when out jan took me to it and i was able to buy my own fruit and create my own breakfast this morning, not having to face that meal :D i am lucky)

back to hotel... and where i am at now. had a chat with kerrin but even she has now gone to bed! everyone snoozing. me. just awake. still pumping. damn! :D would be great if there was a turn the brain off, sleep NOW, switch! hmmmmmm. wouldnt mind one of those for at home too!
plus. trying to get photos to upload to fitness venue facebook for kerrin ... not having much luck. but. the error button is working well within facebook :) yay for technology. 2am. must. sleep.


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