filex excitement

only a day until filex starts ... :D just been and dropped kerrin off at the airport and now, it is very real! anticipation, much!?! her excitement as leaving, fuelled a little extra i think cos she is the ONLY passenger on the plane (how cool!), has fed me!

finish at prossy gym early afternoon and head straight to the airport, sydney bound, where by then, everyone else will have arrived, be settled in, and have a day of seminars already under their belts :)

booked into some great sessions. i am told once there i may decide to change some of these - perhaps attaching myelf to a particular speaker and wanting to hear more by them, but, at the moment, i am very happy with the choices i have made. i know i dont have many 'physical' workshops, only kickboxing (w00t!) and functional training, and therefore may border on brain dead by each days end! :) but, there are too many options for each session time ... choice. is SO difficult - for most sessions there was easily two or three things i would have *loved* to have taken part in...
so i turned my focus to what was the most important for *me* that is of the biggest value - its mainly the obesity and body dysmorphia info i am after, that i really need to understand and comprehend about, from a more technical/professional point of view rather than a naive, personalised pov ... so i guess i concentrated on them as choice.
plus, trying to figure out, why the heck, people arent interested in exercising... why they arent interested in their own health - even if they dont want to 'join a gym' they should *care*? shouldnt they?
it will all prove very interesting. and. i cannot wait :)

it has also been fantastic to receive great support from so many at the gym. i know there are doubting toms, life will always have that element, but, its reassuring knowing there are enough that are on my side that will support, help and encourage me through a very transient stage and have wished me well, not only for the next few days at filex, but for the months ahead
while in sydney, i also have the added bonus of being able to meet up with many fellow runners who reside there, i have made my schedule even more hectic by heading to a couple of lunches with some of them between seminars, but it will be awesome to catch up and so wonderful to see them :D
and while all of us from airlie are rooming together, my last night there i am staying instead, with some fellow ultra peeps also that i just love :D and will get to run hopefully with them, and certainly have an additional blast that last day and evening before heading back home ... (additional yay)!! go the rear, beer and cheer! :D
it's going to be a fitting end to a wonderful few days!


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was great to see you :)

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