sensational sunday

this final day came quickly ...
with the past few being so hectic i tried to take the time to actually relax a little more and absorb the absolute buzz of it all. finality.
no physical sessions today, so quite a brain burn - will make up for it tomorrow somehow!
my lack of running and/or exercise has been duly noted, commented upon and questioned :) haha! more than once. :D
i have no answer to that, i have been rather lazy i guess compared to normal, though to be fair, i HAVE had a couple of tough physical sessions so i haven't been completely idle ...
but, re my lack of exercise regime .... i have found the whole experience exhausting, specially from a 'being around people' pov, also. there are no 'time out' moments, no *my own space* moments ... it's just rush go rush go rush
not being able to sleep early so therefore not getting up as early as the others did, hasn't helped from a time management side ... its simply up, throw some grapes into my mouth, and off to the first session, just making it! besides, if it is such an issue, someone could have woken me and said oi, up lazybum and run!!!!!! :P~~

but. today.
eating disorders 'R' us <- the toughest session i have had, i think cos of its personal association.
it brought to realisation, the amount of hard work i have been for a few people. i like to imagine i have come a long way since, sometimes, not so sure i have.
an interesting session. did i learn anything new? not really. it's a topic i am well mastered with. unfortunately. on heading out though, just wanted to find someone and hug them!!!! did. they will never know why. but. irrelevant. some people in life, are rocks - treasures. we need to hold on to those ones for they are amazing souls and who knows, maybe on this, one day, i will share. when i am ready.

sunday keynote - lorimer moseley < - oh goodness, hilarious! what a great speaker. he made 'learning' interesting. this was the closing, yet, we still had two sessions to attend in the afternoon.. odd. :)

grabbed some takeaway lunch then we headed into the fitness expo for a last minute check and to buy some sand bells ...i really never got an opportunity to get into the expo and have a good look around. not sure how people were able to. i need to become a better time manager. a large percentage was just supplements though and  they don't hold any interest for me...

is marketing as easy as 1-2-3? < - a session by the guy who ran the panel yesterday, justin ... based on some stuff that had come out of that, he had actually changed some of his presentation. hopefully it is of help down the road. went through a whole lot of ads and flyers and talked about what worked, what didn't, the whys and wherefores etc ...
sat up the front and about 10 minutes into the session, two people, arriving late, came in and - with MANY seats to choose from, sat right behind me, eating their lunch. chewing loudly. rude. i persevered until my annoyance at such a sound could be contained no longer ... i stood up, walked around the back of the room, justin stopped talking and watched me, as if i were leaving, commented, i said i was only moving, went to the other side, and found a seat away from them. why would people be so obnoxious? if they found they DID have to eat, then at least sit away from others so another person doesn't have to sit listening to them gnawing like animals ...  a very grrrrrr moment.

raced between these sessions to say goodbye to jan ... which made me late for my final session .... went in and sat up against the back wall so as not to disturb anyone ... (and WITHOUT food, haha!)

calorie counting - cure or con? <- missed the very beginning unfortunately. the guy taking this a presenter on sunrise or some show like that... i don't know him cos i have never watched morning tv however a lady who also came in just after me, said he is very popular. he was, though, very knowledgeable. and a good session to finish on. is there an answer though? :) perhaps not. it is neither good nor evil ... calorie counting can be quite obsessive (yeah, been there done that too many a time) but we DO have to be 'calorie conscious' ...  and he explained that, technically, and well. i actually enjoyed listening.

we went back after our final session to the hotel to shower - we were heading to see "jersey boys".
with a 6pm start we didn't have a lot of time to get ready though - and in a rush, i burned a hole in my top as i was ironing -eeeeek! so ended up feeling very out of whack in my dress code for it, changing into a dress instead, not a bad choice for a balmy whitsunday eve but on a cold sydney night, not so great a look... :/
michelle and i headed off leaving kerrin to wait for kylah and join us later.. a brisk walk to find the place, we grabbed some wine only to be told we had to take our seats so... down the hatch they went instead. gulp. cheers! not a great idea on a very empty belly! :D
the show. fantastic! a lot of fun, the music, well, just brilliant. what a wonderful idea to finish this way. we even got an upgrade on our seats with many vacant ones, and got to sit in the centre - great position actually.

and now, have just returned from dinner, found this one i had the most difficulty choosing something. probably my worst sit down, would maybe have done better if we'd come from the show, back to the hotel and grabbed some grapes or something :) but. i did eat what i ordered.

it is over. 'and now, the end is here' ....
now for a sleep before pack up tomorrow .... im tired, and finally feeling it. i may even get zzzzzzzzz's in a lot earlier tonight.


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