supersized saturday

misty tripoli - loved the vitality!
another fantastic day ...

PT breakfast <- wow, what a mixup! it was on my schedule they sent me. all good. paid for. done and dusted. then. it wasn't!!?!! i questioned it yesterday and got nowhere, they had booked me into a session i had no interest in, so, rather than enter into an argument when i was feeling so happy, i simply changed instead, to head to one of misty's 'groove' workshops. she inspired me more yesterday than michelle bridges ever has anyway.
OMG!!!!!!! that was the craziest, weirdest hour and a half of exercise i have done in the last five years of exercising!
if there had been anyone i knew in that room i would never have been able to do it without being super conscious :) however, by mid way through, i did actually start to 'feel it' ... and. i dripped sweat. from my eyelashes even! it is indeed a great workout if you can lose your inhibitions and simply.... move. but like yesterday, i found misty, truly inspirational ...

why people don't join gyms? <- one of my most interesting, eye opening sessions ... and one i had been looking forward to, hoping for that 'magic answer' ! well. no magic answer came. sat next to a really arrogant personal trainer though, he was 'f this' 'f that' at the people on the panel constantly and kept muttering what a waste of time it was and he should have gone to another session - well mate. theres the door!!
i think, i learned HEAPS. i loved it. if we cant look at other peoples view points about gyms, those that would never even consider one, then we have no hope of ever inspiring them to join, or even to take exercise seriously ... i think we were lucky, to have the opportunity for such an insight.

motivating the inactive to exercise <- wow. after that last session, and a totally different angle, but this followed on really well. a french guy, easy to listen to ... enigmatic. christophe andensen. he went on to explain how we are selling a 'dream' .. selling, benefits. and our customers - they are king! paramount. a personal, friendly, sociable relationship, is required .... went through the history of gyms , where they started, what we had in our lives, where we are now. interesting session.

lunch with lorna - wonderful :) she was in at the fitness expo ... it was POURING rain - we were going to go to a fave vegan restaurant in king street of hers but would not have got there without getting soaked, so ended up staying in the area at the food court and she had sushi :) me, tofu and steamed vegies - was still yummy, though a loooong queue to get the meal! so great to catch up with her .. after we finished eating we headed into the fitness convention with each other for a little bit. tried out the 'vibrating machines' the hypervibe galaxy - what a super name - even connotations of it doing marvellous things to our body ... we hopped on one - maybe NOT a good idea to hop on one just after eating - HAHAHA!!! lorna had to get off cos she felt ill, the guy put me into a few different positions to try it out, starting with squats, lunges, and moving into a PLANK!! my cheeks, JIGGLED! my whole head, woah, head spin - i felt like a wobble dog in the back seat of a car.
but, i have tried one now - cant say id ever want to again but hey, some people. think they work. a placebo? half the battle is in the thinking. so. maybe. they actually do. i cant imagine how they are 'fun' though, and when you exercise, its good finishing knowing it has been ... fun. left lorna looking around to get back to .....

functional training to unleash the athlete <- walk in to do this and mark there waiting to do it too :) was really cool to see him cos i hadn't seen anyone from home town all day today! this was a workshop so was nice to have someone i know to partner also ... we did sand bell exercises .... some. VERY difficult. my biggest awareness was how little some people (maybe they weren't all trainers though?) could do ... many couldn't even hold a plank! mark said that was normal. proves what amazing trainers they are at the fitness venue! everyone has different skills for sure, but they are all capable of walking the talk and, we should be very proud ...

winning at losing - weight management made simple <- this was with scott josephson. another interesting session though i must say i felt a little weary ... learned how to integrate realistic protocols and modalities on weight management, exercise, diet and behavioural change into a comprehensive model for intervention.. he gave specific guidelines for establishing safe, compassionate, reasonable nutritional practices that we can utilise - going through the proper quantities of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake to make a positive long term difference for everyone. not really anything *new* but necessary to hear to be reminded.
went to the sh'bam launch just to take a couple of photos, waaaaaaaaaaay to smoky, crowded, noisy, light flashingly horrid for me - headed back to the hotel leaving kerrin, kylah and jan behind to watch it, they were meeting us for dinner after .. so headed off and ordered with narelle and michelle. helped to choose again :) oh i am lucky for understanding in friends. ended up just with a greek salad. was changing but the manager even suggested i stick with the greek ... we splurged and had dessert. oh a delicious white chocolate berry creme brulee ... treated to a  fireworks display, it was raining but i went outside to watch it - apparently they are on EVERY saturday night at darling harbour. their council obviously has more money than ours :)

once again. everyone snoring away right now :D ... and here, i sit. little sleepier tonight.
yay! for another great day.


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