sushi experience

sushi? woah!
the surprise arrival of tobias for easter has made my week!
storm has known for three weeks the little rascal.
she was only getting one day off for easter, *today*, yesterday i asked her could we go to mackay to see him, she said she has just spent the last twelve days working and wanted to spend her 'one day off' relaxing, not travelling to mackay - so unusual cos she always takes every chance to go see him.
cant believe i didnt figure it out - but, i allowed myself to become terribly, and easily disappointed...

wasn't i in for the best surprise shortly after she left for work yesterday. BOOM!
so. with both children, (though storm ended up being called in today, much to her piss off!)

unsure how they talked me into the sushi experience for lunch though. can't say i would do it again, but it didnt hurt me :)
vegetarian, i got through two pieces :D ha! proves. anyone. can eat. anything.
a great LATE meal at capers tonight after storm finished work (she ended up being called in today, much to her piss off!) cant say ive eaten so late in a long while, even had dessert. well. we all shared. VERY indulgent.

a wonderful good friday and easter saturday!
yay. for such beautiful, wonderful children. they've sure turned into amazing, thoughtful young adults.... im a lucky mother.


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