banana bonanza

8 kilos - 51 bananas!! how much?!!? :D damn, surprising!
i found a new love today, market banana man ...
went late to the markets, 11am ... normally there much earlier but - up at 5, did a 25km run - centro return, had a quick brekky break as i ran back past home cos i was starving then out to mandalay and return ... back home, showered, lay down to stretch my back out, and promptly fell asleep for an hour - ha!
woken by storm getting ready for work (OI, poke poke prod prod, weren't you going out running this morning?!) or i probably would have slept even longer - egads - shockingly realising the time, i raced down to the markets thinking i was too late, and banana prices are ridiculous in the supermarkets ...

he was with a group of people, came over to me, even market prices were up this week ... so i asked if he would do me a deal if i bought 5kilos again like last time...
he said to me - oh i have something for you this week, come with me. we went down the side of his truck, and he opened up a box - chock full of bananas, half green, half ready to be eaten, some splitting and said he saved them for me. he said i could have them if i wanted - love them i reply, how much? ........... you can HAVE them! yes. how much? nothing. they are yours. free.
he said cos some were splitting he was taking them back home simply to chuck them out .... hell. how friggin fortunate am i - shop prices today $10.98 a kilo, so thats $88 of bananas - never could i rationalise making such a purchase of course, i can't justify spending 11 bucks a kilo for bananas, even for dietary reasons - but now, the generosity and kind thought, i have my regular banana supply for the week ahead ... a great sleep back in purchase ... :
 i love the banana market man and his altruism!


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