week two - too!

The body is a big sagacity, a plurality with one sense, a war and a peace, a flock and a shepherd. 
~Friedrich Nietzsche
wow, i HAVE to be happy with the weeks results ... and am.
would be great to have measurements too ... to see where it has disappeared from, but, i guess really 4kgs isnt that much, so tape wise there probably isnt that much of a change two weeks on ... but, 6kgs to goal! sounds do'able. but not easy, i know.
my personal *challenge* is being successful - and i think i am becoming 'fitter' though i have nothing tested to actually measure that side of things against, i guess thats my downfall against the real challenge at the gym that everyone is a part of. they have a bench mark... oh well. just got to trust something is going right and each day, i train with a high intensity and challenge my body enough ...  to create change that makes for a fitter, and healthier, me
arduous work doing it on your own though  :/ you never realise how motivating support is until you dont have it anymore

week at a glance - the exercise that got me there (along with great eating!) ...
saturday 23 oct am walk (10kms) shute harbour stairs x 10 times pm run (16kms, honeyeater x 2)
sunday 24 oct am run to gym (2.5k), 28mins xtrainer, 10 mins rower, pump, balance, run home (2.5k) pm run honeyeater trail (8km), walk just past jubilee (10k)
monday 25 oct am run to gym (2.5k), park - 10 x 100m sprints, combat (miss last track), run home (2.5k) pm swim 1hr, run to p.o. return, pump (in office, miss warmup and squats), step, ½hr xtrainer
tuesday 26 oct am nil  pm pool, 1hr
wednesday 27 oct am xfit, treadmill (20mins), xtrainer (10mins), step pm mackay lagoon muckaround
thursday 28 oct am 10k run 1pm plyometrics (an old no.1, written up by michelle, and i did it hard core!!!) later pm combat
friday 29 oct  am slept in (eeek!) so too late for combat 10mins arm thing at prossy, 10 mins xtrainer, plyometrics (old 'no.2' did it hard core again) 1pm 25 mins treadmill, weights  6pm jans circuit

so a huge crosstraining week i guess, only 65kms of running - well! worse!! 20kms walking. 45kms running.
and tuesday? i suppose i could look at as a 'rest day'; since it was a failure, in all sense of the word...
last nights class jan said was too easy for me, but he gave me some really DIFFICULT things to do and pushed me hard on them! it was friggin TOUGH! i dont know why people say things are 'too easy' for me , i struggle as much as anyone, maybe moreso - we did 4 sets - 30secs, 45 secs, 1 minute, 30 secs - of 10 exercises, a couple of them changing level of difficulty each time through ... my abs are STILL soooooo sore from wednesday, i just keep adding to the pain - ha! did this balance thing on the swiss ball and bosu - he said i was strong - boy, if he knew how much my abs and back were BURNING specially when he kept pushing my body or the ball to lose balance!!!! w00t! wasnt gonna let him break me though!

today am just going to do a run  later in the afternoon when it is cooler - a trail, not sure which yet, will see how i feel and if i feel like driving or will just succumb to doing honeyeater cos i dont have to drive there - but, pretty much a 'rest' day (despite tuesday) to let my body recover, i put a lot on it the past three days .. so, prepare for the weeks load ahead
goal once again, is only a kilo ... i guess we really have little control over our bodies though, we can put the best fuel in, we can give the best out, and our bodies will react the best way they think they know how ....


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