week one's a winner

VERY pleased with the results of week one ... a loss
- of 2.1kgs!!!  :D

have really concentrated on getting the calories in, have not run as much as i would have liked, hit with a headache last monday and allowed myself to use that as an excuse to not run that morning, nor to do a step class later that evening, it hung around in a slightly milder dose for a couple days but been feeling pretty ok other than that...

nutritionally - have got pretty much all covered - too low in iron the most important factor i guess  from that graph... though all the 'B's are good - i have never fully understood that - i always thought iron and b's were somehow related ...  always had problems with them both though...
other than that, above 100% recommended daily intake for all other than vitamins A, D, & E, magnesium, manganese, phosphate and selenium ... and, too low for calcium at only 76% - that one IS important.
hmmmmm ... fat 35% rda - not good, need to up the fat intake. carbs 81% protein 107% - guess that makes it a higher protein intake ...

average daily calories? 1,360 :) that's excellent! need to get it to around 1,450 though
have mostly made sure to eat before and after exercise ... have kept everything in, have eaten adequately, have eaten - healthily - mostly vegan, but still not quite there yet, had eggs :/ need to release myself from their hold! have cut back on bananas :D hard not to eat as much fruit as i normally do though, but it obviously makes a difference - proof in the results
only drink all week - water! roughly 4/5 litres every day, but that's normal consumption ...

the week of exercise  ...
saturday 16 oct am walk (13.6kms) 2 hours approx, plyometrics, long stretch pm pool dip
sunday 17 oct am run to gym (2.5k), pump, balance, run home (2.5k) pm run 13.6kms
monday 18 oct am nil 10k run (baaad headache) combat pm 20 mins xtrainer, pump step
tuesday 19 oct am bike class, balance pm swimming/pool running, 1 hour
wednesday 20 oct am xfit session, 15mins xtrainer, step pm swimming/pool running, 1hr
thursday 21 oct am balance, weights, xtrainer pm swimming/pool running ½ hour, body attack
friday 22 oct am combat, balance :( pm run to gym (2.5k) plyometrics, run home (2.5kms)
saturday 23 oct am walk (10kms) shute harbour stairs x 10 times pm run (16kms, honeyeater x 2)
overall, incredibly pleased the results - heck, i need to be - hope they are 'real' .... and then, hopefully, can hit the 1kg loss for this coming week and maintain that ...
need to address the iron levels and calcium levels this coming week ... increase calories to 1450
*run more, less classes* and, no excuses!


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