10 week plan to a new ann

“happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried - for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.”

the challenge started today at the gym. i have never actually done it ... the social side of it i would not handle 'supposedly', but probably a correct assumption - specially, with some of the *******'s involved i would most likely end up simply overwhelmed and very much, the loner standing tucked away somewhere wishing i could disappear! .... im just not so great to mix with anyone at the gym, and not even really that sure why? i fit in elsewhere i go. maybe, i'm just, too .... different.
anyways, regardless my social lack - the challenge is something i could really have use for at the moment, i need to challenge my fitness levels and my physical being .... so, over the past couple days have been thinking there is no reason i can't set my own 8 week challenge. im 'supposedly good' at being my own motivator (why people actually think that though i have NO idea, i need a rocket up my a** most days! :/ but thats the image of myself ive seemingly put across \o/ )

my goal, - other than to gain fitness of course which is everyones, is to lose 10kgs. reluctant to say my weight has slowly crept up, and i am waaaaay to heavy, and waaaaay to close, to heading in the wrong direction of healthy. i exercise hard, i eat well, so im unsure what *more* i can do, but, i guess i just have to shake it up. and totally focus on what goes in my mouth. and make sure i move more. change things. cos whatever it is i am doing, aint working!
so, i am creating the *10 week plan - to a new ann*. that's 1kg a week, which should be pretty achievable if i focus on it.
so, shamed as i am. here, it is! - starting weight. 78.6kgs. egads. will keep a record, will use fitday and keep an eye on exactly what i eat, and exactly what exercise i do..... and making sure i get all the nutrients etc that i require :) and become a bundle of healthy energy again!

by chance, bumped into michelle at the markets this morning and she was heading on a walk - well, her walk, is my walk damn fast and jog every now and again to keep up with her :D - so went with her, we went to mandalay and back, (drove it later in the day 13.6kms) during which, amongst many topics of conversation, i told her my *challenge* ... she doesnt think i have 10kg to lose, think she was just being polite though, she is hardly likely to say 'yeah youre fat' so, said i will see how it goes as it starts to head downwards will adjust the goal mayhaps (it BETTER head downwards) ... but on monday, she will do my measurements. really not wanting those, but, asked, cos i need them, so, i will put my pride aside, and get them done... feel much better that she will do them rather than anyone else though ... much much better
and as far as where i am at? i am aware kg amount shouldnt doesnt matter so much but at some point there has to be an awareness of it, all i know is, everything is tight. all my summer shorts and definitely tops. my love handles, my back fat, my chicken wing arms :D - everything, is floppy ...
so, measurements. dreading them in fact. they aint gonna be pretty!

after finishing the walk (which i enjoyed very much, the company and the walk!) went to the gym and did a plyometrics session and a good stretch, felt pretty awesome and ready to have the day ahead.
storm working all day but got a 2 hour break at 12, so we went swimming, hot so the lagoon was crowded, and dirty :/ lots of foaming gross looking stuff around the edges, eeeeew. so we only pretty much dipped in the water and got out. i imagined all sorts of diseases creeping into our private bits ha!!!!

right now, i am sunburned, lobster style! wore sunscreen at the lagoon and wasnt there long, plus, its singlet top shaped - so, it must have been a couple hours in the sun walking, cos i had no protection for that. dang.
ah well. a lesson there somewhere. :P~

fitness levels? the week and a bit since being back from vegan running camp - exercise...

back wednesday 6 october - flight into mackay at 1, 3 before i got home ... went and saw storm up at work, tim  called her over, she burst into tears and hugged me, he let her take a break and served us up drinks :) awesome half hour! heading to the gym for attack, fell asleep :( woke at 6.
thursday 7 october am sleep in  pm combat (half class cos xfit at 6) xfit (TOUGH session!)
friday 8 october am combat really in need of balance but couldnt bring myself to go :(   miss, so much, training with michelle pm swim
saturday 9 october am run to gym (2.5k), weights, run home (2.5k) pm swim
sunday 10 october am run to gym (2.5k), pump, balance, run home (2.5k) pm swim
monday 11 october am nil (SHOULD have been a run!) pm pump, step
tuesday 12 october am bike class pm ½hr xtrainer, balance
wednesday 13 october am boxing, training on quad bikes all day (and 6 wheeler!) pm... exhausted, sore. home, rest.
thursday 14 october am ½ hour xtrainer, bike class pm ½hr xtrainer, combat
friday 15 october am combat (MUCH better than last night!) pm ½hr xtrainer, ½hr bike
                           STILL wanting a friday balance but couldnt bring myself to go yet again :( got to get over this fear
saturday 16 october am walk (13.6kms) 2 hours approx, plyometrics, long stretch pm pool dip

need to get back into running. and lessen the classes ... but kinda fun fooling around now and again. guess ive had my fool around. now time to put some energy into what i do and push myself...

so. officially. day one. 78.6kgs.


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