upsizing - takes over

i think i am becoming more and more at ease with the fact, that i will NEVER understand people ... nor they me ... maybe i am alien ... and maybe, that's a positive trait.

this morning, i heard the most ridiculous excuse i have ever heard in my life as a justification, to eat junk food! actually, junk food, too kind a description for purely valueless energy intake - the disbelief they said what they did, heightened as they became so vocally defensive of junk food. what the! i was honest to goodness, speechless!

we have a new mcdonalds - we already have one in our small town, seems, that isnt sufficient apparently. and to top it off, this new one, is a 24 hour one.

i guess there really mustn't be anything quite like a 2am serve of fat, sugar and salt!?? if someone could explain the satisfaction of that to me, the value of it to their life - i would be more than willing to listen, doubt, i would ever agree its necessity though ....

all week this opening, wherever i have tottered, has been the 'topic' for discussion .... justification that they 'have apples' 'their beef is 100% beef' 'they have salads there' - rolling fluently from the mouths of people, i am honestly shocked to hear it from  ... heh, i simply, dont understand people that is for sure. maybe that is a blessing really. does anyone REALLY believe people go to mcdonalds for apples and salads?

this person, went to mcdonalds to eat, so they could see 'what it looked like inside'!!!'

are mcdonalds any different one store to another? does it matter? WHY would people even be piqued in curiosity,. if anything, we should be boycotting this place.... everything *big* is coming, and closing down local stores ... we really DON'T need it ... for a whole myriad of reasons beyond its valueless nutrition to our community
maybe they had some balloons up inside to make it pretty for the day?
OMG - what if *i* am the one missing out here!!
balloons and streamers could be pretty damn exciting now!! should i be heading off to take a look too while i buy my burger and fries and ice cream? perhaps i should have asked her more questions on the interior decorating. omg :/ i wonder what colour the walls are? what if they have painted them pink or something and i never know that?  i wonder is the feng shui workin' for them? what if they have more lush, green plants in there than  a 'regular' mcdonalds... oh, or what if they have a water feature placed in the south east corner of the store! - or, what if THEY have upsized themselves?
oh :( i will never ever know.
oh me, oh my :)

is our town... so friggin sad, that, a mcdonalds store opening, is the highlight of the week?
THAT, is so very very, did i mention yet, VERY .... depressing.

unfortunately, placed next to a school, and right across the road from where the bus stops and tons of kids are loaded and unloaded to and from, other schools, this place, is going to make a killing... :(
oooooooooooooh haha - double entendre - pure coincidence!

why does the government waste our money on advertising such stupid 'get healthy' ads as they do, ads that reach the ears of .... oh? noone!!!!
so much more needs to be done, and, unfortunately, it aint gonna
not when you face people with the mentality that its ok to eat mcdonalds simply cos you want to know what the decor looks like...
that its ok to eat junk food, .... who is anyone kidding!? worse, though, then continuing the conversation in defense of.... - i shut my mind off in the end. there is no point even trying. went silent. then just got up and left. nothing new really. i'm not that great with people anyways ...

we are becoming a fat fat FAT nation
we are becoming a sick sick SICK nation

not 'overweight'. not 'obese'. simply - FAT!!!
cant wait to see what the world looks like in 10 years. people, should be VERY afraid.
the cost of obesity - in $$$$ but more importantly - LIVES, is sure gonna worsen

for the ones i know, who are as abhored by this place as me (well i think some are so i sure do hope!) and also its consequences, a sorry, for you dont fit under this banner - and i am still ever greatful, and fortunate, teachings i have received ....  that i am no longer, the person i was. how superbly lucky am i, that i have some amazing role models in  my life?!

"those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness"


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