mackay liberation

wednesday - day 11 of operation ann - morning weight 75.7kg = loss of 2.9kilos - a loss, is a loss. im taking that 100grams! 7.1 to goal.
exercise  am xfit, treadmill (20mins), xtrainer (10mins), step pm mackay lagoon muckaround

had a super start to the day, and a wonderful day overall!!! w00t!
awake at 5, went in to do xFit, though took my boxing stuff, hadnt been able to contact tanya but figured if she showed up for boxing, i would have to do that with her and no matter how i feel, i would smile for her and not let her down, she didn't ... did xFit - seven of us today, and a TOUGH workout, once again. a couple of great plyometric exercises thrown in which i gave my all ... ply sessions have always helped my running
one, though. is one michelle used to give me, and i could never do. i think they are called (skaters?) easy, right? - just a jump from side to side, except we had the viper too we had to twist turn with! hmmm how do you explain something :) we did them in the warm up minus the viper, i couldnt do them. did them as a harder version in the sets, i still couldnt do them. once i get 'going' though, and a rhythm, im ok. its just the starting. my brain just cant figure a sideways jump! frustrating.
some great jumping stuff, ... and lots of core work.  a damn fine workout!
home for a quick breakfast before heading back in to do step. now that is hard after doing a xfit  :) LOVE it. love the pumped legs feeling! hmmm....  or the feeling they just cant do anymore, yet.... they DO!
got back to the gym a little early and did treadmill for 20 minutes of intervals then xtrainer for 10 minutes beforehand

home. the part for the washing machine was $350 plus fitting, not worth fixing, so...... new washing machine came - 10 o'clock precisely! no more laundromat! nice machine.

then storm and i went to mackay for the day. she wanted to go. i didnt. but then i realised how selfish i was. i have had a couple of breaks and escaped from airlie over the last couple of months. she has been stuck here, day after day.
in the end. what a lovely idea. we had a wonderful and happy day together just 'being' ...
nothing in mind to do, though we were going to go to the movies, when we went there, there was nothing at all worth seeing, on. so we did some shopping at mt p and at canelands, she bought some new clothes, i couldnt find anything i liked.
we had lunch. well, storm had lunch. there was nothing i would eat so, as i had some fruit in the car, i waited, and had that when we went back to it ...
then we went to swim at the mackay lagoon! first time we have been there! WOW! talk about putting the airlie lagoon to shame. it was so sparkly CLEAN, airlie is always dirty, and dirty smelling ...
three pools on two levels - a water slide (short'ish, but cool!), an amazing pool for the kids with great contraptions, a mini rock waterfall section... we alternated between the 'zen' pool we called it - cos not many people were in it, it was up high and it was just so calm and peaceful ... and going on the slide - theres incidental exercise at its best! running up the stairs to come down the slide, many times over :D and sitting under the waterfall with it landing on our backs giving us 'massage' .... we were there a couple of hours mucking around. nifty afternoon!
a quick visit to tobias when he got home from work, chatted to him and dan. played nerf wars! haha!! he has bought all theses guns and machine guns with the nerf bits, load em up, and shoot each other - hilarious! they hurt when they hit though.
didnt stay too long tho cos i wanted to get home before it was too late'ish. ...
home. watch an episode of dawson. bed.

nice day. nice escape. nice day off with the storm child.


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