the 'cradle' will rock

sunday, day two, ran to the gym. did pump and balance, and ran home ... a good start. nothing 'different'. nothing 'challenging' though, i guess ... the sunburn HURT. storm got a couple of hours off again in the middle of the day. we were going to go swimming, but the sunburn was too ouch so we became a couple of couch potatoes and watched an episode of dawsons creek :D watching from the beginning again for the third time cos we finished one tree hill, for the second time ! :) yeah, surprise!! every now and again, even i do something of no value to life - cool eh!?   
at 4.30, i went and did the same walk michelle and i did yesterday, except, it was shaded ... :) and i ran many sections of it.
i had woken and weighed only 77.8, so figured a loss of 800 grams overnight, was worthy of a repeat performance. haha sometimes i dont live on planet earth :P i KNOW the rules of weight loss, but still, a nice thought to think i had actually really lost it ... :D and would do so again with a repeat performance.
unfortunately - not to be (surprise!?! :D ) it was most likely - just water loss.
monday. woke with the most enormous headache! could not rid it all day and tried to rest as best i could. drank heaps and heaps of water. and then more! wasnt going to do anything, but, need exercise to reach my goal, i cant simply fall back on 'an excuse' of a headache - gets me nowhere ...
went to do pump and step, ended up only doing pump. my head throbbed throughout, specially in the shoulder track and bobbing up and down in lunges ... so made possibly a smart decision and didnt stay for step. though felt guilty for it.
7pm. well, half hour before. online, waiting - ready and raring to register for cradle mt in february. found a pre register section at 6.30 making the process at 7 super quick, and had an email from them at 7.03pm :D
knew it would fill fast cos so many missed out last year, and i was right. 8pm opening though, meant 7pm here and fortunately on sunday kerrin had queried the time, bringing state differences to my attention. ive heard reports that some people were trying at 8.30 (7.30 our time) and were already to late so i would have joined the ranks of them.
but, i got in!!!!!!! w00t w00t w00t!!!

in? well. registered. still have to wait and hear back from them that my qualifiers are satisfactory, so i leave the full celebrations till then :) just in case. headache. worse. but. registering, overpowered the pain. must say i felt incredibly happy. went to bed early - i think i was snoring by 9pm!

and to ... today. plan of going to bed early was to arise and run to the gym, but i was too late, so had to drive, still got 20minutes in on the xtrainer before bike (which means i WOULD have had time to run, ah well)  bike class, and balance. nice combination. storm had the day off, so later in the day we went to the lagoon. it started raining. there was a few people when we arrived, but by the time we left an hour later was just us and the lifeguard. nothing like your own personal guard! it was wonderful in the water though, warm, as long as you didnt put your body out. swam and did some pool running. wonder about if that is good for you?
shower ready for ses, in proserpine. miss evening balance to go to the shed to meet andrew to find out he wasnt going. went with sheila instead. just a chat eve so kind of wishing i had stayed home and spent the night with storm since she had it off and that is very rare tuesday nights...

eating, well. green, healthy, trying to cut back on fruit cos i tend to eat so much of it
ooooooooooooooh i made banana bread, and i made vegan lasagne over the weekend!!!! how could i forget that!
banana bread, unsuccessful. edible, sorta kinda mayhaps. but looks horrible.
the lasagne. yummo. not sure the calorie value of lasagne sheets, but only had two layers of that, the rest, vegetables (eggplant, zuccini, carrot, pumpkin, red onion, beetroot. beans. walnuts. actually, vegetarian, not vegan cos i used ricotta cheese on top.) more like a vegie stack almost :D

record exercise saturday 23rd*

day four. 78.2kgs. (total loss = 400grams)


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