forever is tough

depression ...
i hate it. i hate it so frigging much :(

i hate i have no space in my head ...
i hate i cant think
i hate that it hurts so much inside ...
i hate that it makes me say horrible things to people i love ...
i hate it makes me not care.
i hate i hurt people.
and i hate, that they hate me ...
it isnt ever going to change ... this is life?  i just, want it togo away , please.just forever

i wish, i could just iwsh. and it does. like magic. i wish for magic.,
and iwish, mostly - people could understand it and be nice to me a bit and not blam e me being dumb. because., it makes me hate me more . and i already do enough hate.

i dotn want to be dumb :((( i dont want to say rubbish stuff thta makes people hate me
and i just want peace. peace from me ..
i want everyone else to have peace from me too


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