washing woes

there is something innately embarassing about having to use a laundromat, but i'm not sure quite what it is ...
it surely could not be worse than living in a home with this contraption? now, i have seen everything! imagine, your dream, to own a home with a toilet/washing machine combo! w00t! keeping up with the joneses takes on a whole new meaning i think i will pass on

our washing machine is broken, the guy finally came today to fix it, after two weeks! however, it needs some part from lg, so, will be a while longer. we have utilised two solutions - one bad, one very bad, in the meantime :D

we have an empty unit next door, third floor, above the bank and other businesses, so, we are the only people in the whole building over the weekends - we can access said unit, via roof/our balconies as their sliding doors are wide open ... day five of no washing machine, our laundry piling up, i ventured climbing onto the roof and into the unit next door to inspect ... and. there is a washing machine in the bathroom. woah! my mind processes that and race into our place (via our front doors now!) to tell storm i am gonna wash there - breaking and entering? - she, was NOT wanting any part of it!
they had no electricity connected however, so, hunted out extension cords and managed to find four which i connected snake like together, and that gave me a long enough lead from our place, through our front doors into their bathroom, and, to the washer - haha - made sure the downstairs door was locked, which meant, if we heard it open (one can never be sure i guess of a surprise inspection of lookers) we had time (huh we? i, had time -storm was staying out of it!) to quickly pull it all apart before they got to the top ... must say, i was mighty nervous too though :P~~~ only did one load, it didnt even spin things dry, a useless machine... decided i wouldnt do that again, too nerve wracking - fortunate, as a couple of  days later, mark and vicki arrived there to apparently give a price for putting in a new oven, i never saw them but storm chatted, now THAT would be embarassing, to have been caught!
since then, have been using a friends but am over the extended imposition i place upon them of that.

so, this afternoon, especially considering we live four doors away from one, i hit the ... the dreaded shop front of one of many, local laundromats...
having to walk past a small cafe, was not top of my list, but part of the equation, so i left it as late as i could. then grabbed our basket full of dirties, covered them with a towel, and made my way downstairs and raced as quick as i could so noone could 'see' me actually doing it :) the cafe was closed, the busstop nearby only had one person. good timing.
had made sure i had a good supply of $2 coins when i had been to the bank earlier ... walk in the door and two other people there, tourists i imagine. only two free machines. well, squeezed the clothes quick as a wink into them, lets get this painful chore over and done with, and went to put money in to discover they take only $1 coins!!!
i ask the dude was a money change machine around, indeed down the back there was. so careful early in the day to make sure i had gold coin change, the discovery was, the machine was only for notes :D oh, yay :P
thats ok. bank, i live on top of. so i race out the door, back to the bank, 15 minutes from closing. who on earth would believe, in the WHOLE bank they had only TWO one dollar coins. apologies but no help whatsoever from the bored teller daydreaming about her weekend with a 'sorry its probably because of the reef festival'. well, useless bank. fortunately i dont bank with them!
i did have two in my purse which gave me $4.... enough only for one machine. so back to laundromat to try and squash as much as i could into the one machine. is it really necessary to separate colours and whites?  however i didnt have storms chef uniforms, i wouldnt have mixed them in :)
tells me i have 29 minutes to wait ... sooooo home for half an hour before heading back to simply, pick it up.
task. complete.
one, well, kinda one load done.

so why is such a stigma attached to the simple use of a machine in a shop?  storm says its because its like you are poor if you have to use a laundromat. some sort of 'homelessness' attachment... im not sure on that. though today, probably not helped that i had baggy trackies on, and a pair of storms thongs, which is a step up for me cos i am normally bare footed :D so i probably really fit the trailer trash role .... actually, i probably fit that role most days :D
four bucks for one small load of washing - i reckon you need to be RICH to use one!!

hopefully, our part comes in soon (please, please) and i dont have to use it again.


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