week three glee

feeling really free today! its an awesome feeling. well, it came yesterday morning, the world is light and fluffy this weekend :D wish it could stay this way forever

got great news during the week, got my email of acceptance for cradle mt in february, they were taking soooooo long i was worrying my qualifiers werent sufficient for i was one of very few fortunate ones to actually register - it was filled within half an hour so a lot of disappointed folk again!
but im IN!!! wow! so now i really have to get trail running back up to speed, and try and work out the cold and cramp side of things so i dont face the same problems when i do it again ... maybe i can find a fridge to sit in each day in january!! anyone know one large enough to fit me! haha

plus, things are all set for ray for c2k in december, (click on ray james - he's my man! he has an incredible life story... courageous, AND inspiring!) VERY excited about that and crewing and cant believe everything is organised... plane flights, accommodation etc .....
im a leave things to the last minute persona so this is quite something ....
cannot wait to witness him achieving such an amazing accomplishment and being a part of his journey with him - its going to be awesome - such an experienced runner, 121 marathons under his belt and many 100k and 100mile ultras!! (wonder if he knows what a GREAT *number* that is - 1 plus 21 :) yay) that is GOOD luck - and cant wait to see mt kozsciosko! never been in that neck of the woods myself!

and the weight?
well, 400 grams :) that will teach me for having a 'give up why bother trying' mindset! :P~~
but still a 4.4kgs weight loss over three weeks - nothing to be sneezed at . went wrong with a few things this week .. one in particular very visible on the graph ... that high peak! ( is mistake no 3)
mistake no 1. the mind. ive really let things get to me throughout the week (well from the week before ongoing) and been on a downer... i have not been able to lift myself from. this is NOT of any use to me, nor to anyone else. just not quite sure how to fix it though still ...
mistake no 2. exercise levels/intensity/quantity
didnt do much exercise at all! didnt do much running. barely went to the gym.
couldnt go to the gym monday, but that was no excuse to do NOTHING! i could have gone for a run, but couldnt get my mind working ... (the excuse)
tuesday: just didnt want to go into the gym :/ once again, still could have at least 'run' ... my headspace still not in the right place.... storm made me got to ses, i went, only cos i hadnt gone last week ..
wednesday: didnt go to the gym in the afternoon, pushed myself to go in the morn though. but only cos tanya texted me tuesday night as she wanted to do boxing wednesday morning. so i went, for her, but we ended up doing xfit instead. (didnt seem as hard as normal) did some tabata stuff though, which IS exhausting! but all fun.
i think we did a TRILLION push ups and squats - no hyperbole! does that make up for not working out monday and tuesday? sadly not :)
thursday morn: ditto, didn't go for a run which i normally do thursdays nor balance, but made it to the gym in the afternoon, left during combat though, it wasnt cutting it and i was better to leave than become more frustrated ... so half hour of 'just do the motions' exercise.
friday: went to prossy, kerrin forgot her ipod so we had no music for combat, so she set up a xfit session - excellent. then i got to come back to cannonvale for balance, and then early afternoon did my own weights stuff ... so at least i finished the week with some sort of care ...
mistake no 3. having cake and eating it too!  melbourne cup day tuesday. storm worked from 5.30am. came home about 4. i did nothing all day. when storm came home tim had told her to bring me home some cake leftover from the melbourne cup luncheon capers put on... to 'fatten me up' ? ... she brought such an indulgent slice of chocolate cake, and a serving of cheesecake home. neither did i want. but in the end, she cut both in half and later that evening after dinner, i ate my half of each one - in one sitting !!! BOY did i feel ill. they werent huge pieces, but, they were VERY rich and indulgent in taste. that will serve me a lesson for i just wanted to throw up, even when i went to bed my stomach wouldnt settle!  then wednesday morning, my weight had skyrocketed.
psychological? well, two days of no exercise plus sugar food eating i guess was the combination ... but yeah, most likely, mindset. it DOES play a role. i keep thinking 'if only' - ah well, this week is a new week. i think looking forward it has no obvious stresses as such, and certainly no functions creating cake eating excesses to conquer ha!! :D

week at a glance - the exercise that didnt get got me there  ...
saturday 30 oct am nil pm run 10km (road)
sunday 31 oct am run to gym (2.5k), 20mins xtrainer, 10 mins rower, pump, balance, (an omg moment on leaving! :/ i allowed it to affect me and shouldnt have)  run home (2.5k) pm nil, really flat.
monday 1 nov nil. flat.
tuesday 2 nov nil. flat.
wednesday 3 nov am xfit, step pm nil
thursday 4 nov am nil pm combat
friday 5 nov am combat - kerrin had no music so she did a x'fit' session - tough hour but an awesome one! loved it as it lifted my spirits, MUCH better than combat and certainly of more use to *me* not sure what others thought of it 1pm run to gym (2.5k), 25 mins xtrainer, weights session (low reps - high weights) 10 mins treadmill, run home (2.5k)
saturday 6 nov am run to gym (2.5k), 20mins xtrainer, combat (in shoes eeek!), run home (2.5k)

by all meaning of the word - a VERY LAZY week, and only did 25k of running  :( need to refocus. need to forget about 'situations' that i have no control over, move on, and ignore that which upsets me. i AM important, no matter what anyone else thinks of me!
last night read a bit on 'tabata' training ... so this weeks goal - is to add in one tabata workout every day on top of my normal type training ... thats only an extra four minutes - achieveable - of course!
and, need to get at least 70kms running in ... everything else, secondary.

shoe time this morning vs barefoot :)
alison did not want me bare footed - i think its probably 6 months since i did combat in shoes, or wow, maybe since the years beginning! she said (jokingly of course!)  i would burn a hundred grams more with the extra weight on my feet! haha - if it only DID work like that. she feels i am prone to injury to my joints and ligaments and doesnt understand why 'anyone lets me' :D whilst allowed to think and have her opinion, if it could be backed up with evidence, i would listen, but tested evidence is actually to the contrary ... in shoes we are more prone to injury ...
... but, it was her class, and i respect what she wants. i DID go to combat knowing she was taking it, and i DID know she wouldnt let me take my shoes off, so, i was quite fine with it, and, prepared for that response ...
however, how weird it was - i felt like i had cement blocks on my feet! :D - plus, my feet were SO sore by the end, my legs felt like they had done little, there is no oooomph, in shoes .... amazing differences  ....
she said i do other classes in shoes... - yes, i do attack in shoes only cos she takes it otherwise i would bare foot that one too. and of course i do pump in shoes, THAT one would be a liability to kerrin not to and i understand legalities though someone would have to be pretty shallow to 'sue' cos they drop a weight on their toe, shoe'd or not, ha ha! id LOVE to see them TRY that :D
weights? well, i follow rules, they are there as a safeguard against the above i guess! laws and society. gotta love them - NOT.
but, bare foot exercise, - i guess today i can take as a lesson to see how far i have come - and wont do a saturday again :) which is ok. i havent been to the gym for a class on a saturday in a long while

you certainly DO feel the difference though. a MUCH more intense session WITHOUT the aid of coffins around your feet!. you can feel it in every movement...
shoes. are a huge problem. they create so many injuries in this day and life. people really arent letting their feet/ankles/legs become strong! i wish some would take the time and read what shoes are actually doing to our feet, our legs, our bodies. and the more padding and spring and all the paraphernalia they keep adding each time they bring out a 'new shoe', the worse  it is all becoming. the weaker, our feet and ankles are becoming ...
oh man. what a topic. i need to spend some time coming up with something really succinct in the way i feel about shoes and, the damage. and, wastage of muscle useage. i think i will.

actually, just found a great article .... placed it here  feel free to disagree, add comment ....


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