five weeks and smilin'

five weeks to the day of  '10 week plan'. 73.2kgs. loss - 5.4kgs, another one bites the dust! :) but considering i had lost four of those in the first two weeks, egads! BUT still, leaves me with only 4.6kgs to go  ... doesn't sound much, however, the body is certainly holding on tight to every single bit of that!
but whilst i have been mindful of food, i probably havent taken enough care. and maybe even bordering on too much exercise for too little food? which is what - surprisingly - makes me gain weight more than anything else! (i never really understand the concept of how that all works) well, atop of simple old age of course which does it's fair share of contributing to the fat belly. :D trying to get the right balance though for an old fart.

i have spent less time at the gym but doing more running this past week...
hmmmm. ok. maybe still as much time at the gym. trying to cut it back. it's that time of training where everything i do needs to be of value to cradle mt. or i need to toss it. my back, has been giving some grief, the fusion is wearying i think - but, feels so good, 'running injury free', which i am.

only 17 more days till i leave for c2k, 20 more days, till the race begins!
ray, has been dealing with a torn hammy, but been training well. looking forward to being a part of it all. sue is now wanting to film his whole journey, even from the day before when we are buying his food etc ... not sure how far along that plan is, spoke a few days ago about it, she phoned as she wanted to make sure i would be ok with it ... can't say i enjoy being photographed let alone filmed, but, it's a huge event and, it's about ray, the rest of us, secondary! yet still, hopefully no fat angles :)

she is launching the documentary she made last year at this years pre-dinner (i think!), which will be awesome to watch! it features tim, who i got to spend time with and get to know better at the vegan camp in october - top dude! he has actually pulled out of it this years race though :( hope all is ok ...   preview here

got a few days at mission beach this coming week, gosh. i feel im always away lately! but this one - is for storm and we will have such a wonderful time, always nice getting away from airlie. mostly. always nice. having such a wonderful and caring daughter, and spending time with her. perfect!


c2k - can't wait to be a part of it all. 242kms of craziness!!!!  the countdown is on.


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