the start of a new week is always an unknown entity. start it right and it will take care of itself.

havent drawn a training plan up yet (still!)... but, it IS a priority on the 'to do' list ... problem being, to me, its just a tough 'to do', so it keeps getting shoved to the bottom of the pile and i do a myriad of procrastinating tasks to justify why it isnt done ... then, i just keep going out and training ad hoc. no rhyme. nor reason. nor focus.

however, i started the week....
at least exercise wise, well.

sunday 14 november: am: run to gym, 35 minutes xtrainer, pump, balance, walk home pm: run (approx 10kms) up past honeyeater cant ask for better re that part.
monday 15 november: am: run to gym, combat. (gotta smile!! - people! :P or eye roll :D ) run home pm: pump followed by step.
tuesday 16 november: run to gym, bike, balance (gotta smile, again!! - people haha! :P i have dealt with more monsters and demons in my life than any sheep can throw at me now, the novelty, shall wear off. i hope) run home. pm: rower 15mins, weights, balance (half class - for ses in prossy)
wednesday 17 november: boxing, step pm: plyometric no 2, run honeyeater
thursday 18 november: run (approx 12kms) run to gym, combat (started the class - OMG! effect? :/) xfit, run home. (oh my, never again! combine the two)
friday 19 november: am: combat, balance pm: plyometrics no 1

approximate running for week - 70kms. need to up the ante to 80/100 next week. but, holidaying, so, easier to do.

challenge goal is looking achievable, on paper anyways. harder in reality as the weight 'loss' has slowed. i may be close to all i am about to get to... ? feeling strong though and at the end of the day thats probably what counts most.
michelle did my tape measurements before pump on monday .... so. @ 4 weeks, 2 days.
5.4kg loss. 10.7cm loss!!!!
w00t! i have to be happy about that. it's almost melting away (damn i wish!!!! :P) - amazing what a concerted effort can do though, i really arent doing anything that different, xfit and the tabata stuff, and i did have a bummer week this week, emotional eating :( so that kind of sucked ... but. past.

4.6kg to go till goal, 3 weeks 5 days left.
all i can do is feed my body the best nutrition i can, as regularly as i can, and remember to push myself in my workouts, specially the plyometrics ones -  and see how it responds! quality workouts!
actually, kerrin, this morning, yelled at me (when i daydreamed eased off for like 3 seconds during combat! she caught me the wrong time) "what are you doing! you didnt get out of bed and come all this way to just be SLOPPY did you!!!" well, that sure livened me up and set me to task!
no point. doing any class, half assed! she is right there. may as well stay in bed, or may as well be a couch potato. but it really was only momentary. i did think i was pushing myself ok'ish hard. :/

i MUST get my training plan up and running - i arent as self motivating at all, as i am considered to be :(
but, only 3 weeks until c2k, need to be at my fittest for ray, and, only 12 weeks until cradle mountain! egads. christmas in the middle but that is of no consequence. to me, cradle is way more important so its simply training as normal right through. less classes (my god im a broken record for thats my goal EVERY week and i dont lessen them :/ ) more running. 70k's a week aint gonna cut it if i want to finish. time to UP THE ANTE !!



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