a break - always nice

well, after a couple of very loooong and late nights with the ses helping out at schoolies, storm and i hit the road to mission beach! w00t! bright and early, with a leisurely. girly road trip intended ...
capers get a lot of their fresh produce from bowen so storm wanted to show me all the farms she went to when she went with tim to do a pick up, we take a detour, and come across this sign - no work f*** off do not enter!! haha!  tempted to actually drive in but the hicks probably have a shot gun at the ready for trespassers! :) i guess its nice to know, here in north queensland, we have such friendly folk... haha
but really! what on earth would make someone put such a sign out front of their house...? lost on that for certain.
a sweet little digression also to joumala falls ...
but one of the creeks was overflowing, not incredibly deep, in fact i guess quite shallow really for a car, just, the current was surprisingly strong, .. we mucked around in it but i was too scared to drive the car across. the road section underneath it, also questionable so envisioned the car sinking to the bottom and spending the afternoon trying to get rescued .. a very pretty drive though

and, what a sweet little town cardwell is. it reminded me of the franskton /rosebud/dromana areas in victoria when growing up, the beach across the road, also i guess, a little like sunshine beach/coolum down on the sunshine coast.
we stopped there for some lunch, at a cute little cafe, no other diners. but i imagine on the weekends it would be a popular little hangout. can't say i would ever want to live there :) but, there isnt many small places around anymore untouched by the fast food outlets and supermarkets taking them over. go cardwell!

tons of roadworks along the way gave us our 'sight of the day' (oh, besides weird signage everywhere! ha) ....  a council worker - a stop sign guy. elderly. long white santa clause beard. white hair hanging down his back. his proper sun safe jacket on, rimmed hat on, his face zinced up super white and his hands all zinced up equally so. man, never seen such a sun protected smart person! no cancer gonna get this dude. cept. the cigarette hanging out his mouth might think differently :) haha

made it to mission beach just before one. a beautiful drive once you are past townsville ... loved all the signs about the cassowaries, have never seen one before but we figured they must be in abundance and, obviously protected (?) oh, another sight of the day, bra and panties on a tree!!! there must be a story behind that. maybe something to do with breast cancer, dunno.

head to pick up the key and to our accommodation. felt like we walked into an issue of vogue, compared to where we live! and the peace. amazingly silent :D right on the beach. hot from the drive headed to the pool to dive in and cool off - followed by a hot bubble bath! we each have our own so thats pretty luxurious! a contradiction of sensations - hot, get cold, get warmed up again - yay!
to the shops to buy some food for dinner! and a walk around town. a trip to the tourist peeps to get some organisation for the next couple of days. booked ourselves onto the 9am taxi to dunk island for tomorrow morning.
finish with a run along the beach in the evening :) LOVE barefooted anything!!

after dinner, i tried to stay awake, but was falling asleep on the couch. storm woke me, and sent me to bed. had no choice - my eyes simply wouldnt stay open - at 9pm!!! schoolies and the drive, had taken their toll.
the rain and the waves, played their lullaby too ... life. everything. perfect.


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