groundhog day

im bringing sexy back! :P
throughout our life, we have but a handful of days that i think we would like to keep repeating ... today, for me, was certainly, a groundhog day! :)
loved EVERY awesome moment of rain, of life, of adventure...
we were making it a technology free day. no phones. no tv. no electricity :) yay!

a sleep in, a lazy breakfast overlooking the beach, a bubble bath - opulent beginning ...

then off we headed to get the water taxi to dunk island - it rained. we watched dunk island disappear in cloud and then it rained more. then more. then more. then, the taxi, spookily appeared out of the mist, and in the rain, they tried to get the mobile dock set up so we could all (well, four of us) hop on board ... not too many heading over today :) given it is midweek, also another reason.
anchored, the boat was giving us a run for our money even trying to stay sitting upright. the pounding of the waves was ROUGH!! our bodies were pushed around like plasticine... who needs a theme park! storm and i were in hysterics!
a canadian couple came racing as we were ready to leave...

mad as a hatter - hilarious fun
the lady, bumped right into the entrance hurting herself as she came on board, boy was she pissed off! cant say it wouldnt have hurt but she did nothing but complain the whole trip ... i just said to her she had to not let it ruin her whole day - but i dont think she wanted to let it go :) our taxi driver, was MAD!!! crazy mad! hilarious! what the anchor didnt do to us im sure he was planning on it - either drowning us in the middle of the ocean or at the very least ripping us in two before arrival! haha - the rain, the cloud, the speed of the boat (go go go, go go speed racer!) we couldnt see two feet in front - he turned to storm and said he knew there were three boats anchored somewhere and to watch out for them, yeah! really! and it rained - INSIDE the boat ... think he needs to do some repairs sometime :D somehow we arrive - he couldnt set the mobile dock up so took the boat as close as he could to the pier for us to make the magic leap across :) race up the pier in the rain, to the sports shelter ...
the loveliest of girls (miss bubbly, man an over the top happy person never seen anywhere !)  greeted us all with towels ... sweet. we wanted to do the whole day tour thing, despite the rain, ANY day is what you make of it ... despite the weather of which we have no control, it helps, we love being out in the wet, but, we were the only ones to make the most of the whole opportunity of celebrating nature at its finest! booked a day pass which gave us an hour of water sports, entry into the resort and a two course lunch. we were going to walk the trail around the whole island - only 10kms, but, miss bubbly was most astounded - it was *too wet* for us to do that :) too far, she was worried about how slippery it was, how wet it was, etc. told her we were fine. she was soooooo hesitant of it but, made us take umbrellas (wow, it must rain LOADS cos there are hundreds upon hundreds of umbrellas, and towels, everywhere we ventured) we didnt want to but in the end to please her we did. decided to walk first before lunch ... she said it would take about three and a half hours but with the rain and slipperiness maybe four and a half (we did it in two and a half and that was stopping HEAPS and taking photos while trying not to get the camera too wet, and slipping and sliding many areas - dont know how people would take longer?) - i loved it. storm grumbled now and again, but, i was incredibly proud of her and what she did. it was NOT the easiest of walks, miss bubbly was a little right.
and, we ended up actually using the umbrellas - PERFECT size to use as walking sticks haha! so it helped in the steep areas heaps. then it appeared canadian couple had also decided to do it and they caught up to us at one of the beaches when we wandered off the track to take a gander...
tons of spiders, tons of hills, the most amazing roots similar to cradle mt (oh what i wouldnt give for this to be my training ground instead of the great walk!) miss canada had become a little happier so for a while they slipped in behind us chattering a little, kept falling back, but catching us again when we took piccies ... the main lookout - about 8kms around, was 500m uphill additional to the trail. storm didnt want to go up so i ran it up and back (steep :D) ... the view, haha, well im sure the view would be magnificent but i captured a great photo of the sign depicting what the view would look like! storm, was wise.
we were starving - i had left my pants back in the watersports locker and gone around in bikini and jacket!  the restaurant we had to have a bit of decorum, so i had to run back to the watersports and fetch everything ... huuuuungry

a 'posh' italian restaurant, our 'two course' meal - WOW ... we got pizza, pasta, salad, and caramel gelato! storm LOVED it ... she wants to work there now :) - but, her goal to go to italy end of next year to work in an italian restaurant, whetted.
swam at the butterfly pool after and into the spa but it was too cold after eating ... back to the watersports ... we had an hour but we were the only ones using everything, miss bubbly signed out time in but later on when i had gone back to check if we had been an hour, she said we had been an hour and a half already, but they closed at 4, we were booked on the 4.30 taxi (the

last one) and to just keep using everything as long as we were back at 4 (back? - heh the area we thought we could take everything was much bigger than  we had been utilising so then we took advantage and ventured further afield) ... used everything. paddle boats, canoes, the stand up canoe (OMG hard!) the water trampoline (OMG harder! hilarious!) ... basically three hours of non stop exchanges of all we did ... pretty active day - when the guy came out on the boat, we knew - we were at its end as he had to tow the trampoline out deeper .. damn :P

water taxi couldnt get in again... got as close to the pier as he could for us... only us left to head home with a handful of workers ... back at the mainland he couldnt get in at all and we had to jump off into the water and get back in ... (hope miss canada, whatever time they went back, didnt have to do that, boy i would hate to hear the complaining  :D )

had the day been sunny, had we not gotten muddy and had we not been wet pretty much days beginning to end, had it not poured through all the water activities and others been out there too, i doubt the day would have been half the fun. :)

back at *home* ... storm went for a bath but i just wanted to be outside still while it was still light, went for a run along the beach - the rain actually stopped, it was hot, i ran in my bikini (woah!) i got to the rocky end of the beach as the sky was turning black, did a helter skelter across the rocks as the sky began its downpour, all the run home, i could not see anything .... ran in the water, being pounded by it from above, ah blissful - perfect splashywet conditions - yeah. im pisces for a reason.

dinner, another bubble bath. end of day. please repeat it for me 364 more times! great day, great daughter, great life.



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