oprah @ the opera

sunday 7th november 2010 9:51pm
Great news! Your ticket reservation request has been selected for the December 14, 2010, Australia Morning show taping.

well. quite something?
dunno. the person i wanted to go with, cant. and storm is too young, though she would actually love to go and is bummed she isnt allowed! given she is a very mature 17 year old, i guess i can understand how she feels. i doubt oprah is gonna do or say anything that is gonna traumatize this 6months shy of being allowed to go seen it all teen - eeeek! anyone know where we can get her fake ID? hey, its airlie beach, anything is probable!
so dont have anyone to go with - an empty seat beside me! ah well.
i know tons of people in sydney. i dont know how to choose, who to ask to come along ... and even a couple here who have asked can they come (and are serious)  ... \o/ - theres is pluses and minuses of many people who have helped me so much that this is maybe one thank you that i can give that cant be 'bought' ... but when people help you, how do you choose, what help is of the most important :/ for i have been so fortunate to have many wonderful and generously kindhearted people in my life ...
i have until the 1st december to change the name of the other 'guest' .... im sure the answer of who to take will come to me at some point and it will all come together ...

i have never watched oprah.
well, over the years i have seen maybe half a dozen of her shows, but when i thought about it, i dont think even those i have sat through. so ive seen snippets, everyone has. but i have never sat down at the beginning of one of her shows, then been sitting there still at the end. but, thats not just to do with 'oprah'.
im like that with any show, even ones i like. its just a lack of attention span to actually concentrate on watching tv ..
live, will be different!!!  and i imagine the atmosphere will be pretty electric. i mean, it's been a big media issue (that i havent followed until now that i am going!) but, it's OPRAH! and it doesnt matter if i watch or dont watch her show, or i like/dont like her ... she has done, many good things in this life, she has helped many people - and, she has gone through many self battles and come out the other side.
and let's face it, if i won tickets to go to willy wonkas chocolate factory, i would, so, i, am going to experience oprah - live - at the opera house!!! and screw those who think because i arent a 'fan' i shouldnt be - i won them. they didnt :D w00t and cheers to me! :P

but this show... i guess i will have to sit through. :)
and, im hoping she gives away a mobile phone and i get one!! w00t w00t! cos she often gives gifts doesnt she? and we are australia - she will give gifts to us, - australia, christmas, promotion, - got it all. = at least a phone haha

how did it come about? :D loooong story, but, culminated in registering about a half hour before registration closed ... some people have been on her list for years ...  americans have had 2/3 year waiting lists to get in, people in chicago, where she is, cant even get seats! so, its kind of cool, i have
mind you, winning  a million bucks on lotto would have been a MUCH cooler thing, why cant my luck head in that direction - however, to win that - you actually have to put a ticket on, and i never have - so my odds are slimmer than most ha!

i put in for the morning show(she is doing two, one morning, one afternoon) ... cos i am already in sydney for the c2k ... i was coming home on the monday but last moment decided to stay till tuesday and spend a day with ray after the race ... 2pm flight home - the show - goes from 8am till 12noon! what are the odds, mind you its gonna be one hell of a rush to the airport, but, to have already have had airflights organised before it even came to light, to entering last moment via anothers prompting for something else, and for the jigsaw all fitting together, it was meant to happen.

i am going to have an AWESOME week away. mind you, c2k - waaaaay way way more exciting!! - oprah, just a sweet finale to what is going to be an amazing, adventurous few days ...


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