left to right top row pumpkin, banana stash, pumpkin
left to right bottom row watermelon, watermelon
absent from photo watermelon, half in fridge half in stomach!!

yum yum YUM
well after yesterdays watermelon steal in coles, market banana man this morning, (after last week telling me he would do me a deal cos of the amount i buy!) sold me bananas for $3 a kilo! WOAH! for buying 5kilos or more ... those bananas pictured in the photo, would have cost me $45 in the supermarket at yesterdays price!!
and pumpkin, five bucks a kilo at the supermarket, well, $4.98, hyperbole! couldnt believe my luck that banana man had a pumpkin man beside him this morn, and i got a whole one for $3, and an unpriced one they gave me for 2!

throw in some spinach leaves, some pine nuts and a red onion or three, my week is set with my three favouritest foods playing star roles! 29 bananas (count them if you must!), 2 huge pumpkins, 3 humungous watermelons - total cost - priceless!

ha - they are, but $38 all up!!!!! not a bad little win

ok. still not quite anywhere near gold coast prices and only three items, BUT - fruit and veg bargains at airlie beach - who would ever have thunk it!!!!


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