mt whitsunday eeeeeek

spent the morning writing, headed to the market, then a 'push it hard' run to the gym up over the hills - arrived just as kerrin was heading out to watch the rugby dudes run up mt whitsunday. i had forgotten that was on and was a ball of melted sweat already. went and had a quick wash off then went with her to give them support.
we couldn't see any cars or people when we got there but we were a little late. we started driving up. HA! what a friggin mother of a hill. the car huffed and puffed - i think i can i think i can ... couldn't stop laughing! told her id hop out and push! mostly though, cos i DID want to hop out! it felt like we were gonna flip backwards any moment!! haha
poor car.  the slowest uphill trip ever and so glad it was kerrin driving not me
took ages before we finally saw a row of cars, and  *people* so she ducked into a little culdesac driveway of a block of land for sale - man the views are magnificent! by the time we slathered on some sunscreen and walked out onto the road, not a car nor a person insight - what the? we started walking to the top, passing a guy who said the runners weren't too far ahead. the cars were support cars and moving - they hadn't been 'parked' at all. ... our turn to huff and puff, and huff and puff and huff and puff - and we were only WALKING it!

they had all finished and were taking photos when we got there. (got to give them kudos - what an awesome effort by all of them ) we should have said we had come from the bottom :) both dripping white sunscreen sweat, kerrin turned and said to me, so are we heading back down to the bottom now to head up and do the whole lot!? HAHAHA! really? REALLY!? uhmmm NO! however. i did run down it, its a dream to get a chance to train running downhill without having the uphill slog as well! :D i left before kerrin and she was going to pick me up wherever i was along the way when she came, i ran past the guys (and girl) who were all walking down - saying how hard it is on the knees (it is) but, the BEST of fun - made it to the bottom exactly the same time as kerrin came driving around the bend. perfect.

did a tabata and WOD ( 3 sets - 21-15-9 of wallballs, box jumps (28") - i can till only do 18", and pushups) in the old church when i got back. finishing with a run home. w00t! felt really good running again.
i WILL have to incorporate mt whitsunday into my training for northface. i do that a few times beforehand it sure is gonna be of benefit. even if the only benefit is i can learn to properly curse the hills!! - in seriousness - even though it is only quite short and of course road, as opposed to trail and not knowing what is coming underfoot, running my backside up it should help specially with the 5km long hill just before the 90k mark ... i just remember how hard and tedious the slog was there because of its continual and unrelenting steepness and your mind is just a fog by that stage ...
it may even be of use to help remove some of my backside!! haha!
a good training day :) have no choice but to smile on these sorts of days. :D

storm got a break during the middle of the day so we had to hit the shops and get some shopping done (ew!) but was nice to spend some time with her - then finished the day off with a wine and a chat  - what more could be asked of from life - a beautiful daughter, health, and good friends.


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