feeling VERY happy

The Workout of the Day for March 7th . . . starts with an "R" and ends with a "T" . . . love crossfit wod's :) :) :) these resting ones! however. it just means i didnt do a crossfit today. everything else remains to plan, it has to .... 10 weeks until northface - darn it will fly as always

woke at 5 to torrential rain, had planned on going to outdoor fitness, lay listening to it and so wanted to stay in bed remaining dry - coming up with every excuse of why it wouldnt be on - but, rain hail or shine - of course it was gonna be. eventually figured - GO :)
and so glad i did - what a  GREAT session

- did hill repeats carrying a 5kg pole, but running to and from the hill, the rain pissed down, the creeks were raging wildly and we were running in ankle deep water filled with shrapnel - slight exaggeration, actually, no it isn't, - it was like an adventure race - AWESOME - havent done hill repeats in the longest of times though, and carrying only an extra 5kg makes it damn harder - this is what i do to my body when i get heavier
brekky, combat, then hit the workday

organised last week to head to mackay tomorrow to deliver a job, which was delivered to me today - however, pick it up, come home, open everything up - half of it is fine, in fact, looks excellent, awesome print job, but the other half!? they sent me the wrong letterheads, sending me someone elses, a job for someone in cairns!!! ha. spent the best part of the afternoon then trying to get that all worked out and fixed - an extra 'to do' i didn't need - but, sorted. they will reprint the job and send it direct to the client.

did a ton of writing :) ALWAYS love when that achievement is done and the words come easily

back to the gym for pump. andrew showed up and was doing 10kms on the bike as well as his normal walk :) - did some bike with him to finish off my day. he was already 4k into it when i came out from pump so i was trying so hard to catch him :) i got to 8.5k when he finished - dammit again! :P i need to get faster!

a great exercise day - some tough stuff. some fun stuff. my back is gonna feel the pain aspect of the hill repeats in the morning :D and i honestly love that. love feeling, like i have worked hard.

dunno. just feeling particularly - VERY happy. life is great again.

my stars for .... Monday, March 7

Rules and conventions could be a bit hard going for you to adhere to as this week kicks off. Your need to do your own thing has rarely been as strong as this, and because of this the people who want to keep you down, or in your place, as you see it, are to be avoided. You can be quite brilliant given the chance, really and truly mercurial and ingenious

*I can be quite brilliant given the chance, really and truly mercurial and ingenious*  :D ha


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