countdown to nf100

the time - is already slipping by. one week blends into the next this year. and i find myself now, with only nine weeks left to train for northface.
still wishing i had a trainer... because i need that support and expertise on getting the balance AND the training, right ... i don't know my time i have set myself is realisitic anymore but this past week has been an awesome training week. some good running. some great trails. some good strength workouts. and a handful of classes at the gym. need to figure how to push myself a little more and get 'agility' incorporated into it all though ...

6 foot track ultra was on this morning, so wish i was there for it ... it takes in a component of northface which is great as a pre race training run! a testing of the waters ... at least i got to run it back in october :)
wow it seems so long ago. my thoughts of course were spent most of the day with everyone that i knew was partaking in it. wondering how they were holding up. (addition, just found out they all did well, and many got pbs :D absolutely super!)
ran as well. didn't do quite the distance they did ( :P ) but ran to shute harbour, heading up mt rooper on the return journey. about 26k.
my back caved a little towards the end, fatigue hitting in - i must get it checked i guess. but its actually when i am doing nothing it gives the most grief. i cant allow fatigue to be hitting in so short a run though. haven't a hope of a hundred if so. so need to up the ante on some strength stuff and see if we can't fix that wee bonnie problem! but just over three hours, so, given had i been doing 6ft? i would really have had to push that last 20kms to beat cut off allowing the fatigue factor that last 20!!!!!

so the week. back from the sads!
friday 4th march combat, pump. hogwarts (20minute tabata). 5km run.
saturday 5th march run to gym, run down mt whitsunday, WOD (3 sets - 21-15-9 of wallballs, box jumps (28") - i can till only do 18", and pushups) run home, honeyeater  (days total kms = 17kms)
sunday 6th march pump. 10km run. WOD ( 3 sets - 21-15-9 of wallballs, box jumps (28")<- trying, i can till only do 18" still, and pushups)
monday 7th march outdoor fitness (hill repeats mostly), combat, did the 'promo WOD' (as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of: 5 wallballs, 5 pushups, 5 star jumps) pump, bike ½hr.
tuesday 8th march treadclimber - 25mins, bike class, balance, 10km run, balance.
wednesday 9th march balance, step, walk (with andrew and mark, boardwalk to lagoon, back over the main rd hills & to the top of beach rd hill) 8kms
thursday 10th march run to gym, balance, run home, 5kms. did the 'cash-out WOD' (:/ bummer! 20 glute-ham raises) step, walk (with andrew and mark manooka hills) 5kms.
friday 11th march combat. 2 x honeyeater 17kms
saturday 12th march 26km run (road and a little trail as above)
i need to get a program written up and follow it to the t. not be swayed and led astray by my own desire to then do what is written .... plus more.
the focus now has to be a little more self centred - its about getting the training RIGHT over the next nine weeks. it's about getting the right nutrition.
more trail running. less road running. less classes. TONS of stairs! keeping the weight down. making the back and core stronger. working on agility (havent figured how to do that one yet) and of course, the ever important, remaining injury free. i do NOT want to do it again with a broken arm :D

oh. and remaining positive. the goal, under 20 hours. achieved it with glasshouse, by a long shot, achievable at the blue mountains, too - put in the training, then its all mindset.

cheers, to the next nine weeks of fun!!! w00t!


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