exercise importance

owl, you were right! :D

never slept last night, storm was out till 1, so stayed up waiting for her, then she phones - AT 1am! - to ask can she stay over a friends! ha! cant say i was impressed :) i could have had an early night. tried to sleep but couldnt. was getting up at 5 to head to prossy gym, my go to bed goal of last night ... so got back up and did some writing. sometimes, the best comes in the wee hours of the morn anyways.
went to the gym - did combat - even felt the gloom lifting!
chatted a couple hours to kerrin, a lot to cover which gave some great resolutions for us both i think ... when i was about to head back to do balance in cannonvale gym it was so close to pump class starting, i decided to stay and do it instead.
(found out later in the day from michelle she did my favourite 'shiva sun salutation' balance though :P THAT will learn me!)

called into the shops on the way home, discovered watermelon for .69c a kilo! MUCH better than its regular three buck a kilo price - bought a whole one, an uplifting chat with donna awhile at the supermarket, home to test taste the watermelon, pleased with it (you NEVER can tell) so went back and bought two more.
then .... got stuck into work. real work!

in the afternoon back to prossy to do 'hogwarts' workout. was really tired so did a big debate with myself on whether to go or not, remembered how great this morning i felt so, a no brainer really.
however. 10 people. 9 trx's . the maths didn't work :) but GREAT so many people went along...
we did a 20 minute tabata first, knowing already i wouldnt get the trx section in cos i would be the one offer to drop out, i focused hard, and gave it every ounce of energy i had - felt GREAT. then spent time helping margaret do the sets instead, and taking photos :) that felt good. helping. drove home. with a smile.
so a week without anything but a couple of walks, and, a day right back into it. felt awesome to know i was capable.

bout to head to bed early tonight though and WILL sleep - bombs wont awaken me! but a most productive day - maybe i should sleep less often!

it's alway nice, feeling nice. i think the main thing i HAVE to take out of this past week is ... no matter how i feel, i must continue to head out that door and fire up! to NOT exercise, is NEVER a solution


owlblog said...

There's so much great stuff in this post and the exercise is just a tiny weeny bit of it!

You know the horrible saying "you have to reach rock-bottom before you make a change". I don't believe that for a second but I do believe that it's very helpful to have the nagging discomfort, the feeling of a bit of grit in your oystershell because that's what causes a pearl to be formed.

I wonder if you needed a break, that your body/mind was telling you to rest in a way and then when you were rested the discomfort of not exercising and feeling bad about it got you out the door?

Or perhaps it's your unsinkable spirit, like a cork bobbing to the surface.

Or perhaps it was reaching out to someone, via email that helped re-connect you to the world ready for stepping out into the world? I'm very grateful for that.

One thing is for sure, there's research to show that helping others makes people happy and that's gotta be good eh?

To not exercise is sometimes a solution, but it's not the solution when you are feeling depressed :)

You are a star!

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