adopting crossfit mentality

i didnt do any scheduled xfit training classes this week :/

however. i have not been idle in doing the training of it, nor in learning as much as i can about it all, the benefits, the levels, the philosophy behind it, etc.
reading as much material as i can find
crossfit training - shorter sessions, high intensity, challenging, i enjoy it - they have such a different mentality to what is 'fitness'. the workouts are simply a combination of so many elements. and, when they are completed. there is nothing left in the tank! that IS, an amazing feeling... a huge adrenalin high

it's like my mind cannot gather enough information, to satiate the desire to know even more about it all, about, 'everything' ...
i have tried to incorporate some of their workouts into my training.

when one is without a trainer, i guess the need to find more and more outlets for knowledge remains insatiable and perhaps even an appearance of  'desperation', i search, i cling, i 'hope' for the answer of what will keep me fit - but - my motivation can only come from within myself as there is no extrinsic element to depend upon, and noone to answer to except me - living in a small town, lessens the ability of finding someone who will take me on, well, there is no chance of anyone taking me on, so i have no choice but to look outside the square. not being able to find a circle, i have discovered all i have left is, a website. to be it. my learning base. my motivation. my - trainer. the problem is, and will always be though, distractions are easy to justify without anyone to say WTF get your a** moving! - and i found that has happened a couple times this week in the middle of 'my own thing' ... i stop easily as soon as an excuse is there and have a break. thats the part i have to conquer within myself. i AM capable of. i just need to train my mind.

anyway - reading, learning, following, trialling, .... many of their wod's are impossible for me, unfortunately i do have to consider where i am at physically, and what i can actually do with my back, my limitations with it, but, the ones that push me past the point of comfortable without receiving injury, i will attempt. have done two this past week, one of them twice, never again will do one twice in a row though :)
today, went to see what the WOD is, what i will challenge myself with ..... and, todays crossfit?

                    Friday January 14, 2011 Rest Day

who would have known! rest is indeed important. :P~  and the hardcore have their own sabbath - in looking back at the pattern of their past workouts, it appears they have a rest day after every four ... i realise they are fit, amazing specimens, so know best when to rest than i do - but i aren't sure that's a principle i can adopt, id go stir crazy

the rest of training? - life is slowly coming back to normal with the holiday periods passing, been to a handful of classes ... running regularly, however had one five km day which im am disappointed at myself for. yesterday, i simply couldn't make myself go out and run other than the regular gym run .. but overall the week hasn't been to bad. and my total for the year now is 147kms.

i am still deciding on cradle mt and what to do. im feeling strong. im feeling i could run forever so the distance isnt phasing me. i feel i am possibly 'fitter' than last year?
storm and i got our taxes done this past week (egads now THERE IS a horrid teeth pulling task) but the result was handsome for us both, and work started back this week, so i am certainly financially able to go do it. went and had brekky with michelle on wednesday and even from my talk with her on it all, felt, i really AM, capable of doing it, and, so much better than last year, based on, where i am 'at'
i don't really know what my fears are - or what my hesitation is about. i guess. storm has to come first. and, i think i have images from last year of the cold and not being able to breath again, and over the period of 12 months, have found no solution with the cramping that happened there. though the dr DID tell me in training to do lots of up and down ladder walking on my tippy toes. i haven't done that even once. :/ i guess i have no real excuse, and i have validation of people whose opinions i value. so it SHOULD be easy. i simply. GO.

the weeks training...

saturday 8 january am search and rescue - ses - long island - tons of BOOT walking pm swim • 10km (run total 10kms)
sunday 9 january am run to gym • ½ WOD • pump • balance • run home pm 10km run (run total 15kms)
monday 10 january am 10km run (walk) • combat pm pump (bad headache) (run total 10kms)
tuesday 11 january am run to gym • bike • run iga run home (run total 10kms)
wednesday 12 january am balance (prossy) • water tank (walk) pm run to gym • WOD • run home (run total 10kms)
thursday 13 january am boxing circuit (w/michelle) pm run to gym • WOD • run home • step • combat (run total 5kms)
friday 14 january am combat • balance pm swim (coral sea resort) laps • centro run (run total 12kms)
total for week 72kms. simply - par. really wanted to be 'ahead'

WOD 9 january
10 wall climbs, 10 toes to bar 20 box jumps, 24” box - 3 times through for time. cannot do a 24" box jump - lowered it to 18" - only tried a few - and only able to do 6 wall climbs, did the first one with kerrin to 'trial' it ... i think my own fear is the biggest hurdle, of falling backwards or on my head... but i will complete this one another time.
WOD 12 january complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of: Row 250 metres 25 Push-ups
result: row 7 times (+500m) pushups 6 times + 18! (wow, what an amazing yet simple workout!) very happy with the results - their 'best person' did 9 rounds plus 129 metres. they have my WOW factor
WOD 13 january I couldnt do their wod- so repeated yesterdays
result: row 6 times + 167 mts pushups 6 times  DO NOT do the same workout two days in a row :) talk about fatigue drain! ha!

over two days i did 318 push ups, not including the ones in regular workouts and that we did at boxing - haha - went with michelle to prossy boxing circuit so she could check out chris' workouts - and in one set, we had to do two pushups between punching, she said that was 'easy compared to what ive done', i must say - nope :) sure was feeling it and two seemed - hard, plus. facing her punches!?! arm fatigue? indeed yes!

oh. got to meet sasha :) her puppy. that was cool too.


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