a month till cradle

"The body is a SIMPLE instrument...
If you misuse it you have no other place to LIVE" ~ Dr. L. Afrika

vicki, jan, me and kerrin on the way to shute harbour
well. a week into the new year already.
for me, it's been a great one, ... have been just in 'happy mode' which is a wonderful feeling to hold onto for so long, and, training - good. not excellent though.
only a month till cradle now. i havent done any trails and i havent done any 'long runs' in a while - so i feel kind of disappointed in that of myself. so therefore a little underprepared for cradle to be honest - and not sure why my enthusiasm has drained out of me for it - this time last year i was SO excited about going and being ready for it consumed my every thought ...

i HAVE run consistently every single day though, which was a goal of the year and have reached a total of 75kms for the week, that includes however the 10k new years walk, which of course, wasnt running but i included it in the total (eeeek?) - well, it was a BRISK walk keeping up with VERY fit people all of whom have incredibly long strides compared to mine! :D - 3575 to go for the year :P :)

the weeks training - many classes not on at the gym for this holiday week, so maybe a little less than what i normally do ...
Saturday 1 January am shute harbour 10kms (walk) (walk total 10kms)
Sunday 2 January am 10km run • pump • balance pm swim (run total 10kms)
Monday 3 January am run to gym • plyometrics (no electricity, combat called off) • run home pm swim • 7km run (run total 12kms)
Tuesday 4 January am 12kms • balance pm swim (run total 12kms)
Wednesday 5 January am run to gymxfit • run home • step  pm 5km run (run total 10kms)
Thursday 6 January am run to gym • balance • run home pm run to gym • weights • run home (run total 10kms)
Friday 7 January am combat pm 11km run (run total 11kms) 
tobias has been here over the new year and i have taken him out walking every day when he was. (made him! ) im a good mum! haha - BUT, he has actually enjoyed it - i hope. mostly, i hope he continues it when he goes back home and is back at work and doesn't fall back on the excuse of 'no time' ... specially when him and his housemate spend their evenings battling monsters on all the rpg's they play!!

everyone has time to fit exercise into their life - its how they prioritise time ... how much they care about themselves ... fitness, wellness, IS important ... if you dont have time now, you sure arent going to have time when youre fighting sickness - by then, it's all too late to class yourself and your health as important and priority number one! watch your 'time' disappear then!


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