beginning twenty ten plus one - positively

i loved every moment of this new years beginnings and it couldnt have gone more perfectly...

new years eve we all made delectable vegetarian delights and took up residence across from capers - sooooooooooooooooooo much food, mark and vicki brought everything but the kitchen sink and we therefore had the most loveliest of decorated tables complete with star lights and all, bling. we all must have thought we had invited a whole army along, gosh. so much to eat and choose from, but, all vegetarian. no decisions to make. i could eat what i wanted with like minded foodies and not have to question  :) that felt like such a relief ....
i had made pumpkin soup as a first course and storm and tobias were delivering it to us at 7pm, waiter and waitress style :) - however, they locked the keys in the house as they were heading to do so, the soup came, minus the yoghurt, (was still delicious) then they had to drive to narelles to get the key to her place from her and climb across the balconies connecting her place to ours, they had left the oven on heating up vegan lasagne (YUM!!!) that i had made earlier in the day ... it fortunately didnt burn, but by the time it finally came to us after that little journey, we had all stuffed ourselves with everything else :) still had some!! jan, two serves!!!!
i think we had a much better time than heading to a restaurant (well, for me anyway, with no stress of choosing what to eat nor worrying i was being fussy), lots of bubbles, enough to be smiley - we headed over to capers about 11 to get coffee (the others wanted it) so i went to see tim, BOOM - to late! tim already gone and they had closed the coffee machine only 5 minutes earlier ... so then headed to mcdonalds, the only other place available for coffee  :) gym owner, gym trainer, and gym users, at mcdonalds :D haha - i NEVER saw that coming! i didnt go in with them, i spent the time out front being propositioned by a young dude whose mate we had done 12 days of fitness with, until kerrin came back out and rescued me and i realised what he was saying wanting - a cougar haha! he thought i was gorgeous ... sober too. damn. she took over the talking... - she said when we left to go watch the fireworks i handled it beautifully and was very diplomatic - but hey, it aint bad for the self esteem!! rain, short display, fireworks finish... hugs and new year  kisses - kerrin and i say ciao to the others and walk home.

great conversations, great people, great food, great drink = perfect night!

 however, the walk in the morning had been the part i had been so excited about and wanting - my alarm went off, 5.30am - i groaned ... walking home, kerrin and i spent way to much time talking that could have been better spent sleeping - we had plenty of time to talk come morning! but, out of bed i got, i would not have lived down not going after the christmas day fiasco then attending water aerobics to make up for my guilt ... :)
a brisk walk - understatement - for me a combination of walk walk run walk walk run - to keep up the pace of everyone elses walk, such long strides! but 10.9kms - a lot of fun, once again - great conversations, jan complained about the pace saying he was told it was just going to be an 'easy walk'  ... then after warming up took off. just as we got to the top of the hill and passed the 'do not walk over this hill or risk being shot on sight' sign - the police came past - ahha! timing! but they didnt say anything. what could they say, really? oh you naughty people?! :D  ive no idea why noone is allowed to walk over it.
i ran off ahead many times to take some photos - jan went to take a photo, grabbed my camera from me, i started to run back to everyone else. crash. turn around. woops. he dropped it. there goes any more photos...... - forever! :D he felt bad... it didnt matter. nothing like a lens in parts on the ground to stop the photography bug :P
arrived at shute harbour and found a lovely table in the sun overlooking the water, everyone had coffees, i grabbed some grapefruit juice - what a delightful new years morning. just sitting and enjoying, knowing we'd done some pretty damn fine exercise and welcomed the new year fitness in well! i may not have 'run' it as such, but a good 10km start to my 2011 kilometre goal ... caught the 8.14am bus back into town to get jan to work on time. the bus - FREEZING - i think the air conditioner was set to antarctica levels! bus driver, also a gym member, well, he plays squash there? i think

the afternoon i picked jan up when he finished work, and after heading to see kerrin first, off to mark and vickis we went for a lovely swim, more food, more banter, plus a facebook lesson for them :) bald tyres discovered - dammit, that part isnt a good start!!! but, home, slowly - amazing when you discover things you drive differently, and there is actual wire coming through them! happy new year, NOT! :P

the evening spent with tobias ... nice having him here. i miss the intelligent conversations when he goes ... we just watched episodes of community mixed in with mucking around on the computer camera - and when storm came home we all played games and chatted till way too late :D

my dads birthday, and i didnt even realise it until i was already in bed. thats a new happening...


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